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13 March 2017

Awareness tip of the day…letting go, shedding the old habits, patterns, and thoughts takes time, it is a constant mindfulness call to action. When we decide to make changes in life, we can be very impatient. We have the vision, the clarity and understanding, we need to allow the old to leave and the new to arise or arrive. So often we lose our vision of what we are heading towards due to impatience so this analogy may assist. Imagine this…you have a mug of coffee or tea
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10 march 2017

Awareness tip of the day…embrace those moments when you feel full, (not from eating too much!!) that inner sense of contentment. When we are embraced in fullness, a softness arises, a generosity of spirit, a connecting to the deeper flow in your own human experience. We have all had times when life has filled us with everything we need, we feel there is so much love, abundance, connection, ease, gratitude, communication, and time never seems to be involved.
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8 March 2017

Awareness tip of the day…ask yourself these 4 questions..and you just may get some powerful insights for the steps you require in your own healing… When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?
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7 march 2017

Awarenessweirdass tip of the day…You are definitely NOT alone with all the crazy weird happening right now. The energetic tug of war between who we were and who we are becoming is really strong right now. Some people may seem to have moved through it, others just taking the steps of awareness, and some still not even aware of what is happening.
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6 March 2017

Awareness tip of the day..see all these energetic changes and our inner world shifts as initiations. This is a massive time on the earth as an awakening process is gathering momentum. Are we ready, do we know what is required as a new human on a new earth?..we look around for examples or information, and we keep being told… go within, listen.
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3 March 2017

wareness tip of the day…clean up the energy in your home environment. We clean up our homes the usual way, sweep, wipe down, mop, vacuum, pick up, tidy up and generally do our best to have a clean place to live. When was the last time you cleared up the energetics? Simple processes can create a huge shift in energy.
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2 march 2017

Awareness tip of the day… Make your own healing a priority. We can be stuck with self-pity, comparisons, feeling lost with our direction, lack of clarity, lack of confidence, sitting in uncertainty, yet worrying about what needs to be done. This is normal and uncomfortable as many are letting go of what has been their framework.
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1 March 2017

Awareness tip of the daa-new-dayy…every day is a new life. Sometimes way easier said than done. Human nature with all our ego, inner judgement, needing to be right, getting miffed or pissed off, even feeling deep anger, will hang on to all the issues, upsets, insinuations, critiques of self and others while we try to think, over think and obsessively think our way out or through them, which keeps us living in the past, not in the beautiful present of this moment. How is it working for you?
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28 February 2017

Awareness tip of the day…fluctuations of your beliefs will happen. Humanity, earth, collective consciousness is in transition and transcendence. We can be listening to our inner world all we want and following the heart whispers, and gentle shoves, however, we will have days where we wonder why, as the old beliefs will bubble to the surface in an uncontrolled way.
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25 February 2017

wareness tip of the day, know and own your power. When I started on this awakening process towards wholeness, ascension, enlightenment, oneness, I used to think, or maybe I was unconsciously being told, that I needed things to increase my abilities.
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24 February 2017

Awareness tip of the day…take a breath, relax into you, even if for a minute, you deserve it. With so much energy pumping in and around us
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23 February 2017

Awareness tip of the day…what you say matters and sets chains of action off. We have all heard teh saying…’Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it”..I have always found that irritating. There is an undercurrent of fear,
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