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2 march 2017

Awareness tip of the day… Make your own healing a priority. We can be stuck with self-pity, comparisons, feeling lost with our direction, lack of clarity, lack of confidence, sitting in uncertainty, yet worrying about what needs to be done. This is normal and uncomfortable as many are letting go of what has been their framework.
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1 March 2017

Awareness tip of the daa-new-dayy…every day is a new life. Sometimes way easier said than done. Human nature with all our ego, inner judgement, needing to be right, getting miffed or pissed off, even feeling deep anger, will hang on to all the issues, upsets, insinuations, critiques of self and others while we try to think, over think and obsessively think our way out or through them, which keeps us living in the past, not in the beautiful present of this moment. How is it working for you?
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28 February 2017

Awareness tip of the day…fluctuations of your beliefs will happen. Humanity, earth, collective consciousness is in transition and transcendence. We can be listening to our inner world all we want and following the heart whispers, and gentle shoves, however, we will have days where we wonder why, as the old beliefs will bubble to the surface in an uncontrolled way.
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25 February 2017

wareness tip of the day, know and own your power. When I started on this awakening process towards wholeness, ascension, enlightenment, oneness, I used to think, or maybe I was unconsciously being told, that I needed things to increase my abilities.
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24 February 2017

Awareness tip of the day…take a breath, relax into you, even if for a minute, you deserve it. With so much energy pumping in and around us
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23 February 2017

Awareness tip of the day…what you say matters and sets chains of action off. We have all heard teh saying…’Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it”..I have always found that irritating. There is an undercurrent of fear,
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22 February 2017

Awareness tip of the day…being authentic. So this is a huge ‘directive’ for many seekers, people creating change, those wanting to be real. The world needs this, however what is it really?
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19 February 2017

Awareness tip of the day…let go of your expectations. One of the outcomes of having expectations is a level of disappointment, which can then take us to a place of self judgement. Expectations are our perceived ideas of an outcome we wish, desire, try to predict, over think, dream up in order to induce a feeling within ourselves.. We have NO control over another person response or reaction to
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18 February 2017

Awareness tip of the day..Follow through with what you have asked the universe for. We are a funny mob, we want things to happen, we ask for signs, we do rituals, ceremonies, we put it all out there, yet when the pathway opens, or the messages start to arrive, how many of us pull back, put it off, think lightly of it, or at times ignore it, because we are looking for something really specific to show up for us. Following through is about self belief
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16 February 2017

Awareness tip of the day…Tests will always appear when you change something in your life. Once we have gone through the process of deciding what we want for ourselves and life, and perhaps begin the actioning of this, some sort of ‘universal” test will show up
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Give up worrying about what others think of you. What they think isn’t important. What is important is how you feel about yourself

12 February 2017

Awareness tip of the day…What you think of yourself is the only thing that matters. What others think of you is really none of your business. I know this seems easier said than done However this can become a daily mindfulness practise. Our souls journey is to get on with who we are. The unique aspect of self that is not replicated anywhere else is this infinite universe
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11 February 2017

Awareness tip of the day..service and support you first. When many people start on the awakening journey of spirituality, or self knowledge, there isa tendency to want to heal the world, wake everybody up, get all your loved ones on board. There is an excitement of discovery and like all explorers who come across unchartered lands, the urge to settle everyone there is overwhleming.
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