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10 February 2017

Awareness tip of the day… Appreciate yourself first. If you ‘think’ you are needing appreciation from others,…give it to yourself first. How often have you heard yourself saying, perhaps moaning or whinging about, you want to feel more appreciated at home, or at work. Sound harsh?…well perhaps, sometimes we have to be given a reality check to wake up to ourselves. Nothing and nobody is responsible for how you feel about you, just as nothing and nobworthody can affect you.
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9 February 2017

Awareness tip of the day…what are you doing with your life?….Are you living our souls path, are you waiting for it to appear, are you playing safe, have you diminshed yourself to appease others, have you lost your direction, energy, and are plodding until something changes, are you finding things to do until you have time, expertise, space, to go for what you want..Have you lost belief in what sings to you, do yu doubt what you offer, are you still playing about waiting for the money, the time, the permission, the validation?..
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8 February 2017

Awareness tip of the day…Patience..When you are waiting for something to arrive in your life that you have clearly aligned with, intended, asked for, KNOWING that you are worthy of receiving exactly that or better is important.
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7 February 2017

Awareness tip of the day…direct your energy towards the things that matter, the inspirations flowing through you, the ideas to make a change, the imaginings of something more uplifting, the desire to live in a more aligned way with your souls purpose.
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6 February 2017

Awareness tip of the day.. your health and wellbeing are paramount, if you haven;t got that, then nothing else really benefits in your life. Health issues are a shake up, wake up call from the cells in your body to PAY ATTENTION to you, on all levels.
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5 February 2017

Awareness tip of the day…sometimes you just have to stop, and gift yourself the opportunity to tune into what you are needing…rest, nature, time out, quiet, ocean time, forest magic. Over the last decade I have been tuning into the earth energy and turning towards the influences of the heavens as they impact the energy bodies that we are
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4 February 2017

wareness tip of the day…when you follow your soul whispers, beckonings, callings or yearnings, you will ALWAYS be supported. Being supported is a really big safety net for us all.
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3 February 2017

Awareness tip of the day…relax, whatever is meant to be yours in this life will be. We have been indoctinated to strive, struggle, push, panic, jump ahead, create busy busy in life in order to feel a sense of achieving, or even believing it is the road to success, in whatever part of life you are at. T
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2 February 2017

Awareness tip of the day.. you become who you hang out with… There comes a point in our soul journey where the number of friends or the quantity, can be detrimental, distracting, and at times exhausting. We all want to be liked and appreciated and in that mission, we often lose the essence of who we truly are, by trying to to be what everyone else wants from us,
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1 February 2017

Consciousness tip of the day…shifting from 3rd dimension to 5th dimension…I know it sounds completely woo-woo. so let me break it down. We have an old paradigm, old earth, old ways, old human, and we are in process of becoming the new world, new earth, new ways, new human. This is a vibrational shift, we are in an evolutionary process and even if you do not believe in anything apart from balck or white, you cannot deny
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31 January 2017

Consciousness tip of the day..Flow with the universe…This is something TOTALLY different from floating along in life. Floating is like aimlessly being carried by a force or current and without a clear a direction, outcome or goal. I will see where I end up. Sometimes we need to have space in life to float, it gifts us respite, takes us out of the plotting, planning, mind workings of strategies and schemes. However to be in flow is a powerful choice. Flow means you have chosen a direction, goal, outcome, while you are showing up from a service aspect
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30 January 2017

Consciousness tip of the day…integrity…where is it in your life?…Integrity sets the stage for putting right choice and right action into your life. It helps you to quickly access your “right use of will” according to your best thinking, your present emotional maturity and the current evolution of your spiritual awareness. Living with integrity is a trademark of your heart’s intelligence, and constantly initiates the best probable solutions for what works best for all inv
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