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not enough

The Not enough virus


When any of us suffer from NOT ENOUGH, whether, not good enough, not enough time, not knowing enough, not savvy enough, not fit enough, not thin enough, not enough money, not enough work, not enough options, blah blah blah, how about recognising those moments as a ‘virus”

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Transitioning from one state of being into a new phase requires some great willingness, fuelled with unwavering trust to allow things to unfold as they are meant to,
As unpredictable as life can be, we still go through the growth process of awareness, decision, action, outcomes and then transition, that grey area most of us are really uncomfortable with,.

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Choosing gentle actions


Awareness tip of the day….Choose some gentleness for self and follow through.
There are so many energetic peaks and troughs happening for all of us. Really energised one day, feel like you can conquer all things, then 2 days later it is all you can do to drag yourself to the loo!!!

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Meeting your Best Buddy


Awareness tip of the day…find your best buddy

I would love to introduce you to my best friend.
She is weird, quirky, blunt, and direct. Has a heart that beats for the planet. I love that about her
We share the same passion for yoga, smudging, meditation, rituals, and ceremonies
We have a few secret giggles and we have our own language

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Trust, Trust, Trust


Awareness tip of the day…Trust, trust, trust, in you. As we evolve faster and gain more clarity, release the things we know are not for us, align with the life we are creating, our only real tool to walk with is trust in self.

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