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Business or Be-you-isness


Awareness tip of the day…are you in business or are you in be-you-isness
There is a big shift in the world of business. More and more people are starting their own home business, creating jobs and hopefully security for themselves. The problems arise when we start living from the lack, fear, the old ways of striving to “do, do, do” in order to be successful

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Being Tough is required at times


Awareness tip of the day…with all the frequency, energy and vibrational shifting we are being influenced by, we are required to tune to our own inner signal so what we broadcast into life is crystal clear. Sometimes being TOUGH is required.

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Resistance, being Attacked, and moving on


Awareness tip of the day….the more you show up to be who you truly are, the more you lift your personal frequency, the more you align with your souls purpose, the more likely you will to be judged, attacked, criticised and discredited. How exciting. People take notice!!!!
To have the realisation in those times of challenge, you can respond from your consciousness instead of reactivity and old knee jerk actions is a knowing of awareness and responsibility of self.

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teache is you

You are your best teacher


Awareness tip of the day…When we finally awaken and connect to our deeper nature, we realise the best teacher exists within.
Recently I was asked…who is your teacher?..and my response without any thought was ….I am.

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QF_Warframe_-_Equinox (1)

20 March 2017


Awareness tip of the day…We are in the universal energetic gift today of an equinox, These happen twice a year, signalling autumn and spring.
Equinox is when there is equal light and dark in a 24 hour cycle. Light doesn’t rule over dark and darkness doesn’t rule over light. A point of balance. In the astrology charts, the equinox signals the start of the new astrological year

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