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blast off

Blasting off through change


Once the constraints holding the spacecraft in place are released, there is a huge push against
gravity, with all the friction and tension, to finally leave earth’s atmosphere behind, while moving
upwards to the expansive infinite space.

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Hold your own in these times of crazy


I know there have been some ‘interesting’ things happening in the world, the fear, chaos, worry, helplessness is on the rise, along with anger directed at ‘them”..(.those who are creating havoc)…the more we engage externally, getting caught up in the anger of the world, the harder it is to find our true centre, and we stop seeing the wonderment, the acts of compassion, the incredible things being done quietly to support and assist others. The world is focused on the drama, yet there are a multitude of amazing things being done, happening, being birthed. There are no real answers for…

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Retreat Time..Magic of being with you


Magical rewards from Retreats.   There are a huge number of retreats available for people from all walks of life these days. Pop any interest you have in a google search, and you will find a retreat that will allow you to immerse yourself completely in that interest or calling. Why do people go on retreats? What are people looking for?  What can you achieve? What can you discover?..What are you able to release to allow something greater to find a way into your self knowledge? It is an immersion, a time where you are connected to you, an experience…

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22 January 2017


Consciousness tip of the day…take yourself on an adventure.

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21 January 2017


Consciousness tip of the day…find some stillness. This doens’t mean you have to go to a cave and disappear from life to achieve a higher state of knowing, or being. The action of finding some stillness in the day, or within you allows for intergration, births creativity, reconnects you back to your state of being, creates space to reflect, contemplate, offers reconciliation and pause.
In my expereince, stillness takes me into a place of timelessness.

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