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Namaste … The light in me acknowledges and recognises the light in you, we are the same, we are one.


Oracle, Inspiration or Guidance cards are great tools to assist us when we are too busy to tap in, we are unsure, have self doubt niggling away, or really need to get out of our own head and see what spirit or soul is wanting to show us. This is a place where you can practise tuning in to your own trust, and allowing that to become a great navigational tool for you. So it is with great pleasure that I gift this to you.

These images are a selection from many that were created by me for my meditation events. They all have big energy woven through them. Many people have sat around these grids with intentions, healing and awareness. Now they are here for you to enjoy!

As a massive believer in the power of self-responsibility, and trusting what we do and choose for ourselves, I would like to invite you to play here.
You get to select your own card, so there can be no blame towards someone else, or even the computer for the card you select. This is about you listening to your inner voice, intuition, gut instinct, and self- selecting the image that you are drawn to.

Take a cleansing breath, close your eyes.
Ask your question … for example what do I need to know now, or what is required of me, what action is needed for … ? etc. You frame your own question.
Wait a moment with eyes closed, then as you open your eyes, feel which image draws you to it.
Click on the image and be taken to the answer.

Have fun … remember whether you like the answer or not, you chose it, so be courageous enough to sit with it and see what the answer means for you.

In joy, Raelene Byrne

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40 love 400
39 trust 400
38 presence 400
37 humility 400
36 awakening 400
35 simplicity 400
34 gratitude 400
33 integrity 400
32 celebration 400
31 healing 400
30 balance 400
29 potential 400
28 release 400
27 transformation 400
26 freedom 400
25 wisdom 400
24 forgiveness 400
23 emerging 400
22 silence 400
21 peace 400
20 purpose 400
19 renewal 400
18 empowerment 400
17 clarity 400
16 believe 400
15 connection 400
14 light 400
13 alignemnt 400
12 inspiration 400
11 creativity 400
10 courage 400
09 intuition 400
08 self reflection 400
07 flow 400
06 truth 400
05 guidance 400
04 oneness 400
03 cycles 400
02 breathe 400
01 knowing 400