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We are all in a field of energy that connects us to everything else. This gives rise to the Oneness. Recognise that you are all that you see, all that you feel. The world is reflecting to us wonderful messages about our true Oneness. When you change something in you, notice how it ripples out and things start to change around you. When you see the world through the lens of oneness, there is a responsibility to yourself to be the best you can be each day. By accepting this, your heart can be more open.

Experiments have shown that when we hold a ‘pure feeling’ for 3 minutes, that vibration affects our energy body and all those we engage with for 6 hours! As well as we feed that energy into the Unified field that we are all a part of.

Take a look at what you are putting into the world around you, what feelings, thoughts, dreams, visions … sometimes  these things are habitual, but you can change that … take note and raise the bar for us all to be the best we can be, start to offer what is a higher thought, vibration or intention.


I sincerely hope that you have been inspired.

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