Retreat Time..Magic of being with you


Magical rewards from Retreats.



There are a huge number of retreats available for people from all walks of life these days. Pop any interest you have in a google search, and you will find a retreat that will allow you to immerse yourself completely in that interest or calling.

Why do people go on retreats? What are people looking for?  What can you achieve? What can you discover?..What are you able to release to allow something greater to find a way into your self knowledge?

It is an immersion, a time where you are connected to you, an experience of mindfulness for you, perhaps learning new skills, having time to avoid burn out, learning to fill you on all levels, returning to the self. There are infinite reasons, we don’t have to justify why we go on retreat, we just need to answer the inner call to action. The basic call to action with a retreat is to have some time with you, to reconnect, rejuvenate, restore, rebalance, perhaps even to rebirth aspects of you

“Take me away so I can find me” is often the most common reason.

Being “the most” important thing in your life for one 1 week, can change your perception about your worth, sense of value, acceptance, and offer a space to bring new habits into your life that keep filling you and not depleting you, spiralling towards burn out

Let me take you on a walk through this visual…

For a moment, imagine, waking up enveloped in a lush tropical garden, opening your eyes to realise there is quiet, stillness, almost a feeling of timelessness, there is spaciousness and as you breathe in you are aware of the gentle fragrance of frangipanes and subtle wafts of incense. You rest for a moment and realise there is no urgency to be anywhere, do anything, just to be in the moment for you.

raels phone grids, bali, etc 724You wander along a footpath where flower mandalas have been laid out welcoming you to the new day. These perfectly crafted floral mandalas make us stop, to be, to take pause and breathe, to appreciate, feel the moment., and to experience the gratitude for the effort of people making your day that little bit more special. These small details are often overlooked in our daily lives, so to indulge in the beauty delights all of your senses. Welcome home to your relaxed self.

You leisurely take in the breakfast banquet in the open setting of a café, feeling the deep relaxation seeping into your bones, as you gaze across the gardens, pool, statues watching the light play through the trees.

You are out of time, in the moment of you being at one with all of life…expanded, aware, connected.


Ahhhhhh there you are, in this moment, with you, totally about you

You have just remembered the place within of calm, peaceful, beauty, you have arrived and are ready for your time with you. What you see around you, is what is happening on your inner planes.

raels phone grids, bali, etc 618Too often our worlds are crazy busy, running around doing,   doing, doing,  so we see that as our life, the environment is reflecting our inner state …then you go on retreat and you are able to be, the beauty of your environment brings you back to who you are, reminding us of the expansiveness of self

I am often asked why I take retreats to other countries

The experience of being in a different culture, having no ’reference point of your everyday normality”, Being just that far enough away, that you have to be where you are for you. The experiences stretch us to know more about ourselves.

~Being in situations and places where language is different, and often we resort to a unique way of communicating, sign language or simple laughter,  you can do this!!!

~ new currency is different and fun to work out, sometimes confusing,…you can do this!!

~food becomes an adventurous experience…you can do this!!!

~all your sensraels phone grids, bali, etc 723es are filled with new sights sounds smell, textures, you can do this!!!!

~ not having to think about anything for a week, no responsibilities, no cooking, no daily mundane, you can definitely do this!!!!

~ Your job is to show up each day, each moment, each breath just for you…Can you do this?

You can see life, engage, take time away from it all, play, have bodywork, rest, pray, meditate, create, heal, come back to your true nature…You can do this and you want to do this!!!

Adventures enhance retreat situations, the excitement of something new, pushing you into a new level of comfort, perhaps breaking through some big limiting barriers, by doing something different, in a safe and supported way. Seeing what you are really capable of when given the opportunities.

raels phone grids, bali, etc 612Walking through a jungle towards a sacred hidden place, climbing the thousand steps of a sacred temple in the mountains and walking with the locals, immersing yourself in the daily rituals of a culture that is rich in sacred tradition, The chance to experience deep cleansing and purifying at a beautiful water temple, and having the space to meditate, journal, be….all contribute moment by moment, awareness by awareness, release after release to a revitalised, invigorated, fresh outlook on life YOU

Retreats help us to reclaim the parts of self we neglect and lose in daily busy life. The parts we think we can sort out later when life is more organised and things have been completed, perhaps calmed down. You know the reality…there is always something else that will call you to you as a priority, keeping what you desire for you…space, time quiet to the back of the filing cabinet…just waiting.

Each day you wake up feeling more open, more relaxed, more aware, more insightful, more inspired, more courageous, more radiant, more alive and only because you have created a week of time for you to be with you

Gift yourself the journey to be with you, to discover and play, to grow, to create new reference points in your daily life

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