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intuitionAs spring has arrived and with it the urge to clean up and clear out, to allow the fresh. spring winds to blow through, stirring up the stagnation and offering the perspective of a clean slate, a new sense of energy to get moving again. We have to clear and clean out the old to allow space for the new to arrive.

I am offering a package for October and November in readiness for the growth energy that the earth is shifting into, and what our souls are ready to align with.


Lets release our habitual handbrakes, those old patterns that bring us to a stand still, and even though our wheels may be burning to get going, there is something that locks us to the point of no movement.

We are leaving a universal 9 year behind, in preparation for a universal 1 year.

( add 2016 and bring to single figure. 9)

2017 is tempting us with the promise of a 12-month adventure of new direction, new energy, fresh starts, new beginnings.

If you are still feeling like there are things in your life that need to be shifted, resolved, released, realised, even uncreated, before you can begin a whole new cycle, then this power packed 4 session programme could be most beneficial and supportive.

Get ready to release your handbrake and move forward

Two 1 hour personal sessions with me, either face to face or over skype

~ these target the blockages, beliefs, patterns and core issues, which we work through, clear and bring awareness with the support of processes and liquid crystal remedies.

Often we do not know the underlying influence that keeps us repeating scenarios, habits, behaviours. These sessions bring deep clarity and awareness to your own hidden untruths that we all live. to free yourself from them and to move forward with greater confidence and more purpose. There is more energy, excitement, direction and ease as you prepare for the year ahead.

There is a sense of deep peace and solidarity from within when we shift gears, release the handbrake and take off again.


soul overview6 month soul overview

~ a recorded personalised overview of your own soul journeying for you. You will have things pointed out to you, meditations, processes, exercises, all simple, to keep you moving forward through each month, creating new reference points in your daily life. Helps you to stop recreating the same old stuff.

read about a soul overview..

Navigating life can be confusing if you are not clear about your own self,  purpose, even direction. It can be like wandering through a maze where we meet dead ends constantly, back tracking to find our new way, repeating similar steps that take us around in circles, wearing us down and eventually giving up, prepared but perhaps not happy, to go about  life that happens to us, instead of creating the life we truly want for ourselves..

Consider having a 6 month or 12 month soul overview. These are recorded specifically for you and your journey ahead. NOT in a prophetic way, but in a connected way to your own spirit. Listening to the wisdom from within and being guided about things to focus on, align with, move through, evolve past and vibrate towards.

These are recorded, I do not have to see you in person, all I require to tune in is your birth name. 

Last session is personalised,

~ could be meditation, visualisation, a deep process, a plan of forward movement, or all of the mentioned.

We see where you are at, we look at the changes you have initiated,  look for the areas where there could be uncertainity or more direction required. and focus on something that you need to align with or create in your life


Investment in you for these deeply  informative and healing sessions is $750

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recent testimonial


My intuition told me I needed to do something different as my current actions were not helping me, I saw Raelene speak and knew that I needed her wisdom.

The first word she uttered before any real conversation was “Hiding”, which broke me down immediately and set me on another journey of self-discovery… Due to Raelene’s presence, intuition and ability to connect I learnt much about myself and more importantly it opened me up to discovering more. Through techniques Raelene suggested I have been way more present, more willing to be me and certainly ready to move to new ground.

I have completely embraced my soul journey over 7 months and I can already see new developments, the last of which relates to the visualising of my purpose, journey and creation. After taking hold of my personalised process for this month, I have seen my “power” and confidence returning. I even visualised the sale of my unit at $14K more than the real estate valued it, and during the first open I had a contract for that amount!

The most amazing thing was Raelene’s ability to “see” things about me that I had not shared, that were holding me back, for example my self-limiting beliefs and fears around working, money and lifestyle. It is a pleasure working through these and I feel my journey, my purpose, my business and my direction is already gaining clarity.

Thank you, Raelene, this was out of my comfort zone and I am grateful for your process, your manner and your willingness to take me somewhere new.

J Langley

Worldwide Coaching