Spirituality, exclusive or inclusive




How would your life, identity, judgements, sense of self, be altered if the word spirituality was stripped from you?

Over the last 3 decades I have observed such a shift in spirituality and spiritual practises

It is NOT a label, nor should it be a level of superiority, holiness, or even a status that many are utilising it as.

Spirituality is a personal journey, what works for one person may not work for another. Much like religion, once something has rules and regulations, dogma sets in, then judgement arises like a bush fire in a drought afflicted area.

The adventure of knowing who you are, connected to something much more inclusive and bigger than we can imagine, becomes our spiritual practise

I heard a person ask someone …’What is your Spiritual practise?”…the answer made me laugh…..’Breathing” was the response. Simple, true, and real. Make spirituality not about what you do, or how you look or how many flipping mantras you do before sunrise on top of a mountain, but who you are within. That is where it truly exists, and in the big picture, you are the one you must face each day, in each moment and in every interaction.


A few decades ago, when the ‘rise’ of spiritual; awareness was brought into the light of day, society across the globe was going through an enforced consciousness shift. The decades of wars and  the after war rebuilding of lives crushed,  was being challenged by a generation calling and protesting for love, peace and to stop the inhumanity of war, while looking for a better way to live with harmony in life.


Religions didn’t seem to be holding the new generations, as the restrictions and rules being preached, were not working in the real world, you just have to take a look at all the killing and destruction of innocents in the name of war, the do as I say,  not as I do was being seen, and the secrets held by those in ‘holy’ places were being exposed.

Yoga, meditation, mung beans, crazy coloured clothes, drugs and music became the ‘symbols’ and practises for people who were looking for change and something different

Hippies, were a new breed, they did what they wanted to, were all about freedom, and talking lots of spiritual lingo, and not wanting to work for ‘the man’, The rise of expressing the individualised self was being birthed across the globe. Television was a GREAT part of transmitting images into our daily lives, ones where many started to question what was happening.

Our world had to go through this and the “break out” groups were showing us that being who you are, was ok, however society wasn’t quite mature enough to fully accept, so labels were slapped around all over the place to give names to those who lived outside of the norm for those times.

As we have become more conscious, the very things the hippies passionately proclaimed have come to fruition with the devastation on planet earth. We are still using the label spirituality to isolate those who are creating something better for themselves, or have woken up from those who are seemingly have not.

What if spirituality is really the journey to know who you are , be the best you can be, take responsibility for your choices, create a life that aligns with you while seeing how your contribution can benefit the world through simple one action things at a time.

There can be a ‘snobbery’ or condescending attitude from many in the spiritual league of love and light towards those who have not awoken. So, the ‘inclusiveness that spirituality is supposed to be, has become an exclusive club.

Some spiritual seekers who are ‘awake’ will practise all sorts of things to strengthen their belief and lives, and yes it works, as we are shifting away from EONS of conditioning and mindsets. We must be conscious to change. HOWEVER a person who wants to lie a couch all day, drink beer, eat nuts and watch cricket who KNOWS this is who they are, is NO less spiritually aware. They are honest with what they are choosing to do and who they are. Perhaps it is their soul journey in this life to experience just that!!!

Can you,  just for 1 week go through life, not labelling anything as spiritual, not judging others for what they are or are not doing, maybe just practise the powerful gift of being PRESENT. That could be THE most spiritual action  anyone can take.

Spirituality isn’t about being higher and mightier, it is about a life of being present to you and others in the moment of life, accessing your inner strength, humility, compassion wisdom, trust, and connection to something universal. The state of BEING YOU

I choose to chant mantras, do yoga, meditate, live from an alternative mindset with food, medicine, awareness, because I know it works for me. However my neighbour is not conscious of any of these things, and still is a fabulous person, generous of spirit, wants to help others, goes out of her way to be inclusive…I could NEVER say she was not spiritual, her way is her way. Some of THE most spiritual people I have ever met do nothing some of us would judge as spiritual practises, but they get on with life, showing up each day, being as kind as possible, truthful,  generous of spirit, PRESENT, grateful and humble.

Why have I taken time to write this…because in 2017, I would like to see more presence, more connection, more awareness and more inclusiveness in life…support for those awakening, and inclusion for those who are not. All we need to remember  is, when we live our life aligned with conenction, truth, presence, compassion and value, we could very well be planting seeds with those not quite ready.

What if walking through the forest was a spiritual experience for you, surfing, swimming in the ocean, sitting by a waterfall, lying on the earth and feeling the pulse, maybe painting something, gardening, …these scenarios depict connection, presence and being…that to me is spiritual


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