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Medicine for your Spirit is not merely a practice but a profound way of life, an eternal journey of self-discovery and inner transformation.

It is the art of weaving the sacred into the fabric of everyday existence, infusing every moment with intention, mindfulness, and soulful presence.

This potent medicine nourishes the depths of your being, igniting the flame of inner wisdom and awakening the dormant seeds of divine potential within.

With each breath, you surrender to the flow of life’s rhythms, allowing the healing currents of the universe to wash over you, cleansing away the wounds of the past and replenishing your spirit with vitality and renewal.

In this sacred dance of existence, you find peace in the embrace of the present moment, and liberation in the surrender to the infinite wisdom of the universe.

Medicine for your Spirit empowers you to walk the path of authenticity, integrity, and grace, illuminating the way forward with the radiant light of your own inner truth.

From the bottom of my humble heart and soul I welcome each of you to my world of connecting to the spectacular self, the you that is waiting to burst into life with courage, power, and wisdom.

My intention for each visitor, is that you will find some tool, some guidance, some insight, some inspiration that will allow you to choose what you want in your life. You may feel the urge to connect with me and I welcome that. info@raelenebyrne.com
I believe from the core of my being that ‘Our thoughts create our World” and the simplicity of applying that to your life makes the changes that you can experience transformationally empowering. You are no longer a victim but a creator of your life

I invite you to breathe with me, explore the offerings in this site and feel your heart speak to you if you find something here that resonates in your life.

The world we live and play in is rapidly changing. I hope that I can assist you in the direction of your life if you wish to expand, raise your vibration, be all that you are and allow this with the ease and grace that is all around. It is the choices we make that define the very next moment and breath in our lives.

Raelene Byrne | Medicine For Your Spirit

new moon, new beginnings

A potent and magical container of following through with new moon intentions, utilising the energetics currently available, seeing what is attuned to you and what is required from you.

3 month & 6 month expansion packages

Raelene Byrne India Retreat

 India Wellness Retreat at Kerala

Giving yourself the priority of timelessness, spaciousness, and a deep connection to your wellbeing is what these retreats are offering.

Raelene has led and facilitated retreats to Sedona, Mt Shasta for a number of years, and then India called. That sweet whisper of come home to you, come back to your vitality, come back to your wellness, come home to deep nurturing, come home to receive on every level.

The next dates are:

October 22nd to November 5th, 2024

January 15th to 30th, 2025

6 Month Soul Overview With Mentoring

Raelene Byrne Consultations

Imagine you are being taken on a walk through an expansive jungle, or botanical garden. As your guide, I am able to see, point out and draw your attention to the many things that you may not see.

12 Month Soul Overview With Mentoring

Raelene Byrne Consultations

Imagine you are being taken on a walk through an expansive jungle, or botanical garden. As your guide, I am able to see, point out and draw your attention to the many things that you may not see.

Soul Shot Sessions With Raelene

Raelene Byrne 3 Month Soul Overview

Sometimes all we need is a 30 minute short, direct, clear shot at something happening in our life.

weekly inspirations from medicine for your spirit

Alchemy Of Awareness

Decades of learning, experiencing and sharing have shown me one thing repeatedly


everything you need to know, you already have within


click to look inside


This universal truth that has been passed down through the ages by many cultures, ancient teachings, and wise elders,  reminds us that we have all the answers, we have all the tools, all we are required to do is take simple, practical actions consciously.

This book Alchemy of Awareness is a compilation of 52 topics that affect all of us at some stage in our lives. Each chapter offers easy to read and understand information, activities to create and embody change as well as powerful declarations to reset your beliefs, cells and create reference points for growth.  Inspiration to become all that you know you are is what this book can help you with on your journey.

Our  souls cloaked as humans are here to  experience this planet and life,  all its beauty, and to create something unique to each of us to be all that we are, to create experiences that elevate our soul with purpose, to be in a state of grace and gratitude, no matter what arises.

We KNOW who we are at soul level, all we really need to do is tune in, listen and take action.

Each person who purchases this book is then able to join a closed facebook group called Alchemy of Awareness. This group supports the changes, with new information, talks, rituals being offered weekly, interviews and question and answers each month.

I invite you to listen to your heart, if it says yes to this book, then you can purchase it here.
A$29 plus Postage

Alchemy Of Awareness is now available in eBook format, to suit all devices, Phone, Tablets, Computers, Apple Books, Kindle or just plain PDF.

inspiration for your soul oracle

Oracle, Inspiration or Guidance cards are tools to assist us when we are too busy to tap in, we are unsure, have self doubt niggling away, or really need to get out of our own head and see what spirit or soul is wanting to show us.

A place where you can practise tuning in to your own trust, and allowing that to become a great navigational tool for you.

latest videos

Quantum Manifestation Summit – October 4th, 2020

contact raelene

When confused, uncertain, feeling stuck, sometimes a simple answer can get you moving, or offer a perspective that can assist the mind to free itself, i am happy to answer questions, or perhaps guide you to a service that may support your evolution. Feel free to get in touch and I will be in touch shortly.
Blessings, Raelene


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