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10 march 2017


019Awareness tip of the day…embrace those moments when you feel full, (not from eating too much!!) that inner sense of contentment. When we are embraced in fullness, a softness arises, a generosity of spirit, a connecting to the deeper flow in your own human experience.
We have all had times when life has filled us with everything we need, we feel there is so much love, abundance, connection, ease, gratitude, communication, and time never seems to be involved.
In reflection, you would remember that sense of softness and kindness that was ever present. It is when we energetically expand, and everything we interact with is affected by our ‘fully aligned soul frequency”
This morning I was at the beach, watching the high tide and feeling like the water was soft, there was a gentleness as each wave kissed the sand.
Yet the power behind each wave is palpable, a force of movement, a delivery of energy, while the water felt soft, yielding, a caress.

The oceans move, they expand at high tide, and contract at low tide, it is like watching the ocean breathe. It appears to be a constant resetting, re-aligning, a gathering and collecting of momentum. Each tide is unique, it has its own energy.
How do we apply this to life?
When we feel energetically full, we expand. Everything in our world has a “golden hue” to it, there is space, connection, contentment, knowing, we offer ourselves with a generosity of soul and a confidence that all is as it should be.

020When we feel empty, not enough, not full, contracted, we can have sharp edges, prickles, barriers, resistances where we believe we HAVE to do all sorts of things to fill our life and selves, we can retreat in ( contract) and start playing out the limiting beliefs, negativity, sabotage etc. We believe we MUST smooth out the edges, pull out the prickles, break down the barriers, face our resistances with an iron will of determination. We create a force to break through our crap, it is a mental force, not a gentle force

The gentle force is like the ocean waves, the trusted flow…the intent of power is there, the movement is fluid, there is a knowing and being, which confidently delivers each wave to the edge.

We can take a lesson from this. Maybe when things are feeling in lack, angsty, depleted, contracted, chaotic, you are being asked to engage in TRUST of your own unique journey, allow the flow to deliver you to the edge of change, find the moments that fill your soul and expand you.
They may be fleeting, but they are reference points. Each reference point is a place of expansion, generosity of spirit, closer to your true self.

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