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13 March 2017


01_Coffee_Heres_exactly_how_518529092_oversnap-1024x683Awareness tip of the day…letting go, shedding the old habits, patterns, and thoughts takes time, it is a constant mindfulness call to action.
When we decide to make changes in life, we can be very impatient. We have the vision, the clarity and understanding, we need to allow the old to leave and the new to arise or arrive.
So often we lose our vision of what we are heading towards due to impatience so this analogy may assist.
Imagine this…you have a mug of coffee or tea, and you keep adding teaspoons of sugar to it, stirring each one into the liquid until dissolved. The sugar is being
absorbed and assimilated into the liquid. You keep adding teaspoons one at a time, making sure each one is dissolved.
From the outside you don’t see it, it takes a lot of sugar added to a mug of coffee, before the level of the liquid changes.
The flavour is tainted, sickly, yet it can’t be seen.
Same as all of us. We get lost in the creation of others. We take on other people ideas, beliefs, patterns, expectations, directions, one at a time from a young age, and they get dissolved into who we are. They become part of our belief system. More and more is added us, and many of us wind up disconnected, lost, unwell, purposeless until we make a decision, or have circumstances occur to create change. We start to seek a ‘healthier state of being”. We want to kick the ‘sugar’ habit.
It can’t be seen from the outside, yet when you are living it, the taste of something not right is obvious, that is the moment we feel uncomfortable and realise something has to change.
When we finally realise we are here to live a life of purpose, a soul calling, something unique, individualised, or even the simplicity of being happy. we have to wean ourselves off that “sugar” so to speak.
This is how we can look at the shifts happening within us right now. We are consciously and actively weaning ourselves off everything that has been dissolved into us that is not ours.
It will take time to know our own original flavour before the “sugar” was added, to remember that correct balance.
It takes consistent actions, constant consciousness, a willingness to see it through, a commitment to know who you are and courage to say no to anything being added to you that is not yours. And like weaning yourself of anything, there will be days of challenge, difficulties, where you will be tempted to go back to the old ways, it may work for the instant gratification effect, yet your knowing will kick in as you can NEVER plead ignorance once you start the cleansing, releasing, and rediscovery of you.

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