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15 march 2017


12377687_10153323371702883_5847975375460532533_oAwareness tip of the day…you have an inner light requiring attention.
Firstly we have to recognise that we all have a powerful inner light that makes each of us unique. A tiny spark, flame or flicker of divinity existing in each of us, making us unique, unlike anything else, the universal thumbprint so to speak, like a single candle flame or a pilot light.
I love creating crystal grids, mandalas, and labyrinths with candles.
Each candle, though it holds its own space, has a unique position in what I am creating, combining with all the other candles to bring to life something that I could only vision or imagine.
Our inner light, like each candle in my grids is a part of creation and contributes its uniqueness to a much bigger story, a much bigger vision.

By itself, a pilot light or candle flame holds a steady constancy of the potential for you to remember you. It needs attention, more gas, juice, fuel to become something that allows it to shine fully.
Connecting us to something greater, yet individualised for each of us to experience our own human journey. That inner light is important. We are required to turn it up. to deliver that potentiality of self towards the bigger picture in this life, and the family of humanity.
When we juice it up, we take actions in life where we are being purposeful, have direction, filling ourselves, engaging in self-value, belief, love, taking responsibility for all of our life with a willingness to keep evolving.
The result is a radiance something palpable, tangible, something that can’t be missed.
When we see people who are aligned, on fire, happy, know where they are going, or sometimes a person has gone through a transformative shift in energy, we will remark…that person is radiant, or they are shining, glowing, even lit up.
That is the light within, the soul fire displaying itself.
Every cell is lit, the energy field is expanded, there is such a force of recognition of self. Once you experience that, you will do all that you can to stay in that energy or feeling.

When we feel off, unwell. lacking in energy, on the wrong track, depleted, in blame, lack, or stuck, our pilot light is dimmed down. We need to look at how we are turning it down within the self. What habits, actions, beliefs are keeping your light dimmed, which things can you offer towards the pilot light to fuel it, to turn the volume up.

You know the flicker of divinity is there…the twinkling in eyes, the burst of laughter, the tear drop that quietly slides down a cheek, the generosity of spirit to help another in need, the moment of deep connection with nature, even in the times of sacred actions.
What is the best way to shine your light, to radiate your potential…..You being you…simple, true and maybe not always easy, but at least you know what fires you up, what dims you down. Pay attention and take action.
There are times when we need to retreat, and it appears that our light has been dimmed…we may need to recover, recalibrate, reassess, re-balance, re-align. re-connect, within to see what adjustments are required for a brighter light to shine out. so we don;t have to berate ourselves, we only need to allow, maybe we are adjusting to a new fuel!!! a new thing to shine our lights even stronger.

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