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20 January 2017


web_brookman_blog_photoConsciousness tip of the day…my fav 10 two letter words…IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME.
Remember that no matter what is happening in your world, you and ONLY you have the power of choice to change something that isn’t in alignment anymore with who you are. When life gets negative, drama filled, feels chaotic or you just don;t have the energy to deal with things, offer yourself the transformative magic of positive action.
You could change your environment for awhile, decide to engage in something that is more uplifting, find something to do that makes you smile. it doesn’t mean you are running from whatever needs to be faced, it just allows you to have some space, to see if you can find a different perception, to lighten up and get out of the heavy groove that spirals you almost effortlessly into a darker place.
Yes sometimes it is great to sit in the shadow and face it, however there are times we need to discern whether what we are experiencing is a habit that distracts us, or a reality that has to be engaged in.
Our mind will reel us into a way of being that is habitual, we find it easy to judge, criticise, belittle ourselves or are magnetically pulled into someone elses story/drama/pain. There is always one moment of choice where we can take a positive action which will enable a magical response, a delighful new insight, an empowering call to action to deliver a pathway towards a different outcome.
Of course we have to deal with various negative things in life, but really they are NEVER as bad as what our mind makes them out to be. Once you take a new course of thought or action aligning with somthing positively geared, you see the answer, the shift, the simplicity.
Some people say you can’t be positive all the time…well that is a perception and a truth. Yes we have up days, and we have low days, that is the rythym of life. This tip is about paying attention to those low times, as that frequency will attract, and spiral you lower. You want to keep going down…”well good luck with that”….you can NEVER be rescued…you do however need to shown HOW to rise again, take ownerrship and t to create those actions to keep your bring posotovity, upliftment adn higher frequency by showing up for you. .You are worth the effort

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