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20 March 2017


QF_Warframe_-_Equinox (1)Awareness tip of the day…We are in the universal energetic gift today of an equinox, These happen twice a year, signalling autumn and spring.
Equinox is when there is equal light and dark in a 24 hour cycle. Light doesn’t rule over dark and darkness doesn’t rule over light. A point of balance. In the astrology charts, the equinox signals the start of the new astrological year
so here we go, a little window over the next couple of days to reset, look at your balance, what else is not you, and leave it behind as we keep this forward movement in our lives happening
I often see people getting stressed over finding balance in their life. When you look at the universal reminder of balance, the equinox, we see that in a 365 day orbit around the sun, the earth experiences 2 days, ONLY 2 days, of complete balance.
Some of the cycles we experience are the yearly dance around the sun of 365 days, the monthly dance of the moon around the earth of 28 days, the 24 hour cycle of our planet between sunrises. When we know our personal cycle, in the bigger picture, you can start realising that balance is a momentary thing.
Check in a couple of times a day, where am I in or out of balance right now, maybe, what is required to bring me into a point of balance. Often once we attain that, we shift out of that space, just as the earth finds its reset point of balance only twice a year.
Each day we arise to a new aspect of self, something is different from the day before, yet, we are still living in the universal cycles around us. a universe in constant expansion. Being in balance all the time can be a stressful achievement,. being in flow, knowing your own cyclic nature, trusting the process of your life as you have created it, being open to what else is arriving/arising and making sure you find that new reference point of balance each day, for a brief moment, helps us with being in balance, NOT working at finding balance.
Bringing your energy field into balance provides the conditions for having an equal amount of giving and receiving within all things.
Go outside today, place your bare feet on the ground/earth/sand/rocks, feel the balance as you stand
take a few breaths of equal duration of inhalation and exhalation
express gratitude
open your arms to the cosmos, and take some breaths in and visualise you are taking that through you, bring the universal reset of balance into and through your body, and anchor beneath your feet. It feels joyous!!!

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