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2017, Being your Courageous Soul


4d887d53df39899647cef242447963182017…The year of being your Courageous soul



2016 has been a year of unravelling, clearing, chaos, uncertainty, release and things being brought into the bright harsh and unflattering light of day

Hasn’t been pleasant for most, hasn’t been easy for quite a few, hasn’t been without challenge for us all. Yet we have expanded, have been stretched, have found parts of ourselves that we never knew we had the capabilities to access



In the uncertainty, we have access to freedom

In the chaos we can step into a new form of order

In the unravelling, we let go

In the clearing we shine brighter than we knew we could

In the release, we have found spaciousness and pause


For many of us we have been shown who and what we are NOT, to align and recognise who and what we are

courageous-soulChallenges have shown us we are capable, adaptable and can face what we have created or co-created, with a willingness to choose something different.

As we emerge from this year of expansive growth, where do we go?

I keep feeling it will 12 months of being our courageous souls,

where we Show up for what we know to be true for ourselves, where we speak up and out for what we believe to be true, where we take action towards a better understanding of ourselves in connection to all of life and planet earth, where we command the authorities to wake up and listen to what the majority are calling out for.

Being courageous souls,  will empower us to take steps forward with truth, faith, trust, respect, responsibility wrapped up in a huge dose of awakening awareness

Get ready for the tsunami of seekers ready to wake up across the world.

Be prepared to hold the hand of a stranger in need of guidance

Be available for those lost, confused and feeling out of their comfort zones

Be open hearted for those still in resistance

Hold space for the mass consciousness shift that is about to gather momentum

Create your daily intentions

Offer prayers

Shower life with gratitude

Sprinkle blessings to earth, nature, life, like stardust falling over us all.

Align with the peace filled thoughts, actions, words and feelings

Hold truth as your guide

Offer compassion to a world starving for it

Do things that uplift, make a difference, and support others

It takes deep consistent and committed courage of self to change, create a new way and to deliver that into this human consciousness.

Some like to see themselves as warriors. I like to see them as champions of their own self, guiding others to create their own unique pathways.

As we become more comfortable with our courageous soul, we are more inclined to be collaborative instead of competitive, we find more joy is support than in separation, we unite whole heartedly instead of withholding through isolation.

With this in mind, I lovingly invite the energy of 2017 in, and no matter what unfolds, I know I will stand in being my courageous soul


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