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2020 Soul Flow – A year of universal alignment!

Doors Closed!!

You are invited to a 12-month programme where you can deepen into the soul, gain more awareness of the alchemy of life all around us. You will learn to understand and play with the cosmic energies the universe offers us in each month to reset, expand and live more courageously by knowing the available energy flow.

We are about to start a whole new decade, a whole new energy. So how about we look at consciously upgrading the calibre and the quality of our thoughts, actions, words and feelings to bring us into a radiant way of being in a state of expansive flow.

Many of us have woken up, looking for more meaning in life, wanting to simplify, come back to the more natural cycles of life, looking for a deeper connection with our own inner world.

Most of us want a new approach to life as we see the opportunities of 2020 being a new beginning, we have the chance to create a wonderful life and way of being and work with universal energies on a more connected level. It is like returning to a knowing of something more expansive that is embedded in our DNA, just waiting to be breathed into this life.

We are affected constantly by the cycles in nature, the moon phases, the tides, the suns journey through the seasons, the planetary movements ie Mercury retrograde!! This doesn’t mean problems, it means we can work with what is on offer, understand how these ‘external influences’, these universal gifts of energy and new awareness’s are a big part of life and ways you can  honour and work with them.

After running a 5 day online course in 2019, to prepare and move through a potent galactic reset point called the Day out of Time, I realised how beneficial it would be to share with others over the space of a year, the significant universal energies on offer to consciously connect with.

They are gifts for us to expand our awareness, to open up, to extend our arms and hearts to who we are becoming. All these universal frequencies are available to us all, but when you are consciously working with them, consciously connecting and receiving this energy into every cell of your being …imagine  how we elevate our soul, increase our light quotient, find more ease and live in more harmony within our self and in our outer world.

Most of us know we can work with moon phases where we can set intentions on a new moon, and release old things on a full moon. This is powerful as we are consciously considering, potently intending, actioning, and creating a life we truly want to live. BUT…

What about the other special events that occur each month?

You may not know them as well as the moon information and energy, but they offer potent reference points which keep us connecting into what we truly want, how we want to feel in life, no matter what is happening around us, and allows us to bring focused attention to certain areas in our the life we want to improve, or perhaps find more peace.

Self-knowledge is a great act of self-love. As we attune with universal energies, we are opened to receiving more guidance, assistance, support, we understand our own unique soul song in life and can confidently show up more as we truly are.

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January 2020

The Numerological influence of this new year of 2020, how it relates to you and information sent to give you an outline of what highlights, red flags and areas of growth could be playing out for you. Awareness and self knowledge allows us to make higher calibre choices for better outcomes.

Chinese new year … the year of the Rat … what does that mean, and how does it affect you as you see through the eyes of your own Chinese totem animal? How can you work with it? What things to become aware of!

February 2020

The curse or blessing of Mercury Retrograde … how this affects you?  The planet Mercury governs communications, contracts computers, travel … so how to work with it, and the dates for the rest of the year and ways to work with it, as it returns about 3 times.

Valentine’s Day, and the energy of heart,  A gorgeous heart connection exercise. Having a radiant relationship with yourself, will shift all of your relationships, will gift higher calibre actions for self, and a level of freedom from ‘not enough”

We will go into moon rituals and beautiful templates will be sent to utilise for the year ahead.

March 2020

Autumn Equinox. First universal reset for the decade and year!!! This is one of 4  reference points throughout the year. This month we dive into balance, movement, turning within. One of the 4 key points of the seasonal energies that are abundantly gifted to us through the year. We are connected into the ley lines, and the ancestral and historic celebrations of this time of the year, as we step into a moment of time standing still.

April 2020

Easter … traditionally a time of renewal, rejuvenation, rebirth…the importance of this time in the years cycle from a reset perspective with energetic awareness of self-care, worth and priorities. We also align with the recognition of Earth day in this month. This will be fun!

May 2020

Wesak moon … Buddhas Birthday … not a religious focus, but significant in the frequency of compassion, generosity of spirit, kindness, tender hearts, truth and meditation.

June 2020

Winter solstice in Southern hemisphere / Summer solstice in Northern hemisphere … the light returning, this is all about the light within, how to care, nurture and grow it, the times of stillness, quiet, rest, tuning in for answers, filling your own cup, finding the contentment of your inner world, retreating into the sanctuary of your own soul.

July 2020

Day out of Time, a Mayan calendar alignment, very POTENT, very cosmic, very deep. The end of one galactic year and the birth of the new galactic year.  This is special 5 days of preparation with activations … incredible frequencies to work with each day. one of my personal fav time of the year … This is the New years Eve where the alignment with the central sun is so strong, we step into the energy of creation.

Hint…. you will create a potent grid/map for the year ahead with a sacred geometric shape that kicks butt!!. It is really fabulous

August 2020

The Lionsgate Portal … this is another cosmic alignment of great significance…we have direct access to the centre of the universe through some planetary gateways … this is the time for power, courage, strength and certainty … great info on how to work with this, how to access your courage, the potency of SHINING out , radiating from the heart. Being more of your Soul supported by the thrust of energy from source.

September 2020

Spring Equinox … clearing out, balance, expanding, decluttering heart, soul and mind. Another universal moment of stop, pause, gather, release, call in, plant, nourish. We open our arms in the gesture of receptivity.  We also have an opportunity to focus on peace as International peace day falls on September 21st.

October 2020

The 10/10 gateway … opens, another great opportunity to align, clear the way, expand and accelerate your life. We also celebrate the festival of Lights, known as Diwali.  This is a gloriously joyful ritual to play with at home.

November 2020

The 11.11 gateway … this is a significant date, number sequence and awakening of remembrance…plus DNA activations…remembering the light that you are, amplifying that light within.

The 11:11 is the doorway of Oneness, we are given the opportunity to embrace in love all duality and become the One Heart, own our Divinity and create the dimensional shift within our self and Earth. We move into No Time, a state of Being and into the void, the silence where all is manifest. We stand in our LIGHT

December 2020

Summer Solstice in Southern Hemisphere / Winter Solstice in Northern Hemisphere … the fullness of the year, the gratitude for our ‘harvest”, time to celebrate, play, give, clear out and shed, rebirth for the next 12 month dance around our universe.

How to set your 12-month personal soul remembering for the years ahead. This is a great process which gives us great focal points each month, areas to go deeper, or perhaps let go of, gaining new behaviours, new perspectives.


You will need to be available for a monthly group call and allocate time to participate in the activities and rituals that are set for the months work including new and full moon  cycles. The actions are simple practical, effective and fast.

This is about YOU, time with you and the universal energies.  You are worth it, more than you have ever been or know.


Listen in, be inspired to play, open your heart and mind to the universal consciousness as it offers us infinite support in our journey forward.

At the dawn of this new decade, feel the radiant wisdom of your heart and soul, and your majestic power to create a new world.

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is this for me?

This program is NOT about reinforcing beliefs that you are broken, need to be fixed, there is something wrong with you or the need to work on your ‘core wounds”.

Those days are done … looking into 2020, we have to accept we are moving forward, with a new level of awareness, new consciousness, new energy..the keywords here are … moving forward!!!

This NOT about creating a 6 or 7 figure income, however, it may help with your value system to see the possibilities.

This is NOT about having the biggest social media list, however you may find you are sharing your own insights with these energies to a group that LOVE you.

Where ever you are today, is your starting point, and like consciousness, we can ONLY expand forward, only move out, only keep attuned with the soul knowingness that we all have access to.

My intention and this invitation, are to honour you as you are right now, whole, perhaps curious to connect more with your own soul direction, to support you on the journey of meeting yourself in this place of deep self-respect by understanding and embracing all the universal support that is gifted to us constantly.

This is about you becoming more sovereign in your own life, creating from a place of conscious understanding, bringing more sacred into your daily life, finding new opportunities for growth into a soul led life, You BECOME who you are here to be, what you are here to contribute, what you are yearning for.  Not from what you are lacking, but from what you already HAVE!!!

Joining this 12-month adventure is NOT about healing you, it is about expanding, visioning, creating, becoming, owning all that you are, radiating in all directions and dimensions.

What if that awareness is the initiation of a deeper healing process, where you are activating the required energy for things to change in all levels, areas and dimensions of your life?

I am so elated to finally share this way of being in life, connecting to energies that are gifted to us, and for us.

Blessings, Raelene

Doors Closed!!

Any questions please email admin @ raelenebyrne.com

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