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21 January 2017


16195437_10158033260120007_8042629008227728692_nConsciousness tip of the day…find some stillness. This doens’t mean you have to go to a cave and disappear from life to achieve a higher state of knowing, or being. The action of finding some stillness in the day, or within you allows for intergration, births creativity, reconnects you back to your state of being, creates space to reflect, contemplate, offers reconciliation and pause.
In my expereince, stillness takes me into a place of timelessness.
Not goverened by the day to day rush, the moment to moment constant thinking and doing, There is small space in the pause between doing, where we choose to be still, and the expansiveness of the universe whispers to us. We move beyond our conscious limitations, ever so briefly, and we find creativity, answers, solutions, we can feel the rythym within us meeting the rythym of the universe and earth. there is a tiny moment where we feel expanded beyond any reality we can imagine, and we can be in that place of stillness were a deep peace is tangible.
The reality of stillness is that things are always in motion…the earth still turns, our bodies are still functioning, organs keeping us alive, nature busy doing her cyclic growth and contraction, the tides in the oceans, the flow of a river never stop. We crave stillness, our bodies require it to process…yet we think of it as stopping, doing nothing… I was asked a number of years ago if I felt guilty lying on a daybed reading a book for 3 hours…my response…I am improving my mind and rejuvenating my body…that is alot of work happening, while it appears I am laying about!!!

“In the “do nothing” state, the brain is super-powering itself: its completing unconscious tasks or integrating and processing conscious experiences. In the resting state, neural networks can process experiences, consolidate memories, reinforce learning, regular attention and emotions, and in turn keep us more productive and effective in our day-to-day work.”
“Creativity thrives in stillness and nothingness; creativity is fostered in the state of stepping away from the project, task or issue at hand, and distracting oneself with other day-to-day tasks. Countless studies show that people who are deeply creative on a consistent basis, who develop the most innovative and unique ideas, are the ones who free themselves from structure and allow their minds to wander, rather than focus on various tasks at hand. Einstein called this initiating the “sacred intuitive mind” (as opposed to the rational mind which he sees as its “servant”).”
when you find those moments of stillness calling to you…surrender, allow, and be… you just might feel the timelessness of the universe .
Cultivate this state of stillness, and you find with practise, that no matter how chaotic, stormy, intense life can be, there is a reference point in teh stillness within to hold you until the experience passes.

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