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3 March 2017


ac7aaa7fb39248dcafa43ef9966a5aa5Awareness tip of the day…clean up the energy in your home environment.
We clean up our homes the usual way, sweep, wipe down, mop, vacuum, pick up, tidy up and generally do our best to have a clean place to live.
When was the last time you cleared up the energetics?
Simple processes can create a huge shift in energy.
We are all aware of decluttering, simplifying, getting rid of excess, and how great does that feel, you have space around you. So cleaning up your environment energetically can bring more space for you, I LOVE how my home feels after a good smudge out. …is like it sparkles with goodness and high vibes.
There are times when we are stressed, or perhaps we have visitors who are challenging, negative, even hard work. We can love them, yet there are residual fragments that we leave behind.
We know how it feels to have people around who are heavy, and how it can be depleting as we are required to hold our energy self-higher to not be sucked into a downward spiral. I know there are times when I feel SO tired…not from taking on what another person or situation is about, but purely from my awareness working to keep me in my own frequency
A great way to keep your environment clear and charged with great energy is to smudge. I LOVE the aroma of the smouldering smudge stick which is dried sage. Using incense, smudge, Palo santo, frankincense, or sandalwood, connects you to ancient rituals that have been carried out for aeons, while bringing a clearing to your space
Some of us really need our workspace to be cleared, yet it is ‘socially unacceptable” to be waving a smoking piece of wood or herb while we have smoke detectors on alert. So how to combat that…you can create a smudge spray, or if you are after an instant fix, one of my friends sells Smudge Spray…you can find it at Blossom Natural Therapies
Keeping your environment clear and clean supports you as you work to keep your own personal frequency high.

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