3 Month Personal Soul Mentoring

Your 3 Month Experience & Transformation


Get ready to experience a journey that will breathe life into your soul, and ignite your spiritual flame into creating an abundant, expansive life of freedom!

Our eternal life offers us situations that we often define as problems or possibilities.

Our inner world however sees everything as an opportunity.

How we respond, or react is always based on what we know, our memories or ‘our past’ beliefs.

Our soul is yearning for each of us to be more present to create the future from our imagining, in alignment with our souls knowing so we can embrace life with awareness, and conscious mindfulness to attain great peace, harmony, joy, abundance and happiness.

When we know ourselves, and listen to our souls knowing, we can only do what we love. This in itself gives greater meaning and value for ourselves, and the world we create for ourselves. That is how we experience our true wealth, prosperity, and purpose.

Every choice, every act we take gives us either a consequence or chance. A consequence or chance in attaining money, success, fame, freedom, peace.

Raelene Byrne | Medicine For Your Spirit
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Do you have the courage and commitment to step onto this pathway?

I am inviting you to become invested (or devotional) to the process and let the outcome be all that it can be.

The relationship with yourself, the conversations you have with your inner knowing, are not always easy, they can be confronting, uncomfortable and frustrating, yet, they help us to go deeper, to find peace and the true essence of who you really are so you can expand into life over and over, living the joyous life you were meant to live to your greatest potential.

In this fantastic 3 month experience you will learn life skills that help you to move forward, develop a powerful vision of your life that is absolutely achievable, and that aligns with who you are, and want to be to live the life you truly want.

To achieve financial and lifestyle freedom, you need to uncover your deep inner knowing – your secret soul language. This is the hidden gem that eludes most people from living in BLISS and keeps them in a sabotaging cycle ultimately leaving them feeling like they are failing, not capable, and devoid of energy and connection.

The search (in the wrong direction) is exhausting and plummets us further into a limited life of excuses and fosters a preventative pattern. There will always be something that we put in front of what we want for our self, if you continue to limit your flow and direction:

    • When I have enough money, then I can…
    • When the kids grow up, then I can…
    • When I pay off my house, then I can…
    • When I retire, then I can…
    • When I am healthier, then I can…
    • When I just pay this bill, then I can…
    • When I have time, then I can…
    • When everything just settles down a bit, then I can…

    • If you wait until all your ducks in a row, you’ll never cross the road.


We all have the skills, tools and knowing to be this incredible expansive soul that we truly are, however life’s conditioning, layers of lifetime beliefs, and limiting behaviours to fit in, be accepted, and be selfless have resulted in an unfilled, stressful, overwhelming, and

Our souls are reaching up to us to connect, to breathe, to live!

Now is the time to listen to that, honour it and prepare yourself to live it the way you were always meant to.

The journey has started, and together with me, you will be guided and supported in your adventure in fiercely claiming the life that awaits—your life! Your purposeful, pioneering soul life of living effortlessly, with abundance, and liberating flow!

Life can be noisy, unsettling, and leave you clinging to familiarity, but that’s not where you grow, where you flourish, where you become energised, where you are excited and can experience life in BLISS.

It takes a community to take those first few steps, and that’s what you’ll find within this experience—support, wisdom, soul connection skills, and steps that are specifically designed for you so you can expand into your life in extraordinary ways.

The 3 month SOUL experience includes:

A Personal Monthly Soul Overview
A detailed personalised reading, recorded and emailed specifically for you, with focal points and alignments, this will consist of each month’s theme for your soul growth and connection.

Card 1.  Frequency theme for soul connection, with animal guide and essential oil  (if you want to work with that)
Card 2.  Grounded wisdom
Card 3.  Medicine of the lineage of mystics and ancient healers to support your whole month
Card 4.  What you need to surrender to or surrender up
Card 5.  Guardian, either ascended master, goddess or elemental to support your month. An energy to call in, align with and a small mantra, prayer, or ritual

An Energy Forecast
A video that gives you a unique look at the upcoming energetic events, the moon cycles and universal information so you can maximise the opportunities they present.

A Personal Soul Session
A private 30 minute soul and energy check. This is where I tap into what’s happening for you, lift your energy, raise insights, and encourage, adjust, and support you to super charge and activate your spirit to accommodate your soul’s greatest purpose.

A Specialised Monthly Pivate Ritual
A monthly ritual to support focus and energetic direction of your universal movement.

A Weekly Personal Meditation
Emailed to you each week, this meditation will help bring your heart, soul and head together each day to project your focus to where you’re going to be.

A Weekly Personal Inspiration Email or Video
Inspiration, guided direction, encouragement, information, actions to take and reflection work will be emailed to you either as words, or video. these are personalised and attuned to where you are at, what your calling in and how to move through to deeper levels of your own inner connection.

We use the wheel of life with 4 directions as a map and learning about our own seasons of growth and rest in each month, and the gratitude wheel, which is a simple weekly check-in to acknowledge the gifts in life that are offered, whether challenges, lessons, blessings, achievements, gifts, issues, support, wonder.

The learning of the seasons in our month through working with the wheel of life accelerates a potent understanding of when we are most effective, and when we need to relax. You will be taught how to bring this into your life to help make clearere decisions, and keep your energy strong.

From the ages, mystics, and ancient healers. An invaluable element to your experience and medicine for your soul. The learning of how to utilise oracle cards, pendulums, observe and understand the sign that life is offering you are some of the extra life skill teachings included in this 3 months. You will also learn how to map out the seasons in your months.

Plus, you will be fully supported throughout – I’m only a Facebook message away for anything that comes up for you throughout the duration of the 3 month experience.

During this time with me, your whole world will change! Not only will you rediscover who you are at your essence, but also what you’re capable of.

You will acquire great personal knowledge, see it, and understand yourself, your place in the world and what your impact is within it.

Taking part in this experience, you will become aligned, more peaceful, clearer, wiser, more powerful in harmony with you and all that you are.

You’ll respond differently and make conscious choices to things happening around you as you will have the spiritual insight of seeing these events with your soul wisdom guiding and anchoring you to your path, your direction, and your higher purpose and unlimited abundance!

Each day you will be able to access peace, steadiness, and freedom no matter what’s happening around you.

You will become the creator of your own incredible destiny!

Soul work is sacred, and when we create a little bit of space to tune in, the rewards can be truly potent and expansive beyond your wildest dreams. There is no better time to begin uncovering the way to achieving that.

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