3 month soul overview

Hey beautiful souls,

I'm having the month of July as time of intentional creation, new courses, new sessions to be announced and on offer in August.
If there is an urgency, please email me at admin@raelenebyrne.com, and I will do my best to support and assist

I look forward to offering some expansive awareness and new levels of energy when I come back.
Take time to acknowledge your breath, set your intentions, stay aligned with your own journey, bye unshakeable in who you are.

Big soul love, Raelene

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I thoroughly recommend these with all my heart and soul. I received my soul overview last month from this amazing woman and it was ‘ just what the doctor ordered’! I knew I was wanting things to change this year … to be different in my life but I had no idea where to start? Too many choices/options can overwhelm and then I end up doing nothing.

Thankfully, Raelene being the soul whisperer that she is was able to give me a ‘roadmap’ for my soul to follow over the upcoming months … taking out all the guess work and after only a few short weeks, by following the path shown I am already seeing results!

I was so blown away by this that I gifted one to my sister who has been equally delighted. Much gratitude to you beautiful Raelene for offering such an amazing tool and gift.

2021 has a lot to offer if we are ready, prepared and willing to listen to the inner wisdom of our soul.

We all stand on the threshold of incredible change, a new world and a different energy within ourselves and the earth we walk on. How can you align, elevate, expand and ready yourself for what the soul is yearning for.

This is an important year to reclaim your energy into you, to focus on what fills you, brings joy and how you can bring into reality a deep dream, perhaps a desire that has been waiting for the time when everything is in place….. That time is NOW

As Hillel the Elder spoke…”if not now, then when, if not me, then who?”

These 3 month soul overviews are a perfect opportunity to see what you soul is calling you towards, what areas of your life may need some tidying up, or letting go, perhaps even an overhaul. 

These are specifically recorded for you.

When we have a focus, there is movement.
When we have support we take bigger steps in life.
When we understand ourselves, we can live with courageous actions.
When we can hear our soul language, we have a clear map of how to move, live and align with who we are becoming.

To book in your depth, insightful 3 month soul overview, simply click Add to Cart below.

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Navigating life can be confusing if you are not clear about your own self, purpose, even direction. It can be like wandering through a maze where we meet dead ends constantly, back tracking to find our new way, repeating similar steps that take us around in circles, wearing us down and eventually giving up, prepared but perhaps not happy, to go about  life that happens to us, instead of creating the life we truly want for ourselves.

Consider having a 3 month soul overview. These are recorded specifically for you and your journey ahead. NOT in a prophetic way, but in a connected way to your own spirit. Listening to the wisdom from within and being guided about things to focus on, align with, move through, evolve past and vibrate towards.

Imagine you are being taken on a walk through an expansive jungle, or botanical garden. As your guide, I am able to see, point out and draw your attention to the many things that you may not see. Our way of viewing life is taught to us, and many things are ‘unseen’ until you are shown what they are. My job is to do that  ….  reminding you how to open you up to more of who you are, with ways to bring those parts into the comfort of being all that you are in any moment.

Each month is a theme that your soul is wanting you to align with. As I tune in, many simple practises, processes, tips and ways to stay anchored with a new reference are given.
Each month builds on the next one, which builds a strong foundation, a new platform to keep evolving from.

These are recorded specifically for you and your journey ahead. NOT in a prophetic way, but in a connected way to your own spirit. Listening to the wisdom from within and being guided about things to focus on, align with, move through, evolve past and vibrate towards.

  • The 3 Months Soul Overview is recorded, 30+ minutes, and emailed to you.
  • In each month of the recording you are given the information that is relevant to you and your soul journey.
  • You will be given clear actions to take.
  • You will be given simple declarations to make, which in effect are commands.
  • You will be guided into a simple ritual to enhance the frequency of the month.
  • Your Soul Overview is jam packed with information.

A great way to get moving, motivated, aligned, and connected within.

Blessings, Raelene

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Your soul overview is grounded with many tips, practical ideas and processes to keep you moving forward confidently and with more empowerment.
You are the creator of your life, tune into the souls language and let it guide you

These are recorded, I do not have to see you in person, all I require to tune in is your birth name.

Order below and I will contact you for further information or call 0404 849 723.

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