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6 March 2017


A650-apachewareness tip of the day..see all these energetic changes and our inner world shifts as initiations. This is a massive time on the earth as an awakening process is gathering momentum. Are we ready, do we know what is required as a new human on a new earth?..we look around for examples or information, and we keep being told… go within, listen.
We are being pushed through an initiation process to help us birth parts of ourselves that have been hidden, suppressed and forgotten.
When you look at the ancients, even indigenous cultures today, there are milestones in their life story that are matched with initiations, ‘Coming of Age” These actions take a person to the next level of their evolution, growth and responsibility in their community.
The collective consciousness we are all living in right now is being initiated to a new Coming of Age for humanity.
Initiations present when we are
ready to change
need to let go
purify, clearing and cleansing
finding a new level of courage
facing a test knowingly in order to align with our new role
As with all initiations, if we are not prepared, there will be discomfort, there will be levels of fear, yet we are being moved towards another aspect of who we are
The indigenous cultures are richly blessed with initiations ceremonies that mark the move from one way of being towards another
In our busy western world, we have lost that connection so we often fall into new roles in life unprepared, not sure what is expected from us, bumbling along doing our best to show up, and many times in total confusion as to what is required.
Our young women have a physical initiation. They start their menstrual cycles. This comes with conversations about the responsibility they now have towards their body, their sexuality, pregnancy, mothering etc. while people around them have an understanding as to their ‘moods”…oh you know hormones.
Well, boys have hormones as well..!!!
I often look at the transition our boys enter to become young men. In our culture there are no rituals, no initiations, no ceremonies to guide them, to show them what the community requires of them as men contributing to life. What we do have in this western lifestyle, is ‘troubled youth’..young boys/men, doing risky things, to prove themselves as men,..their physical transition is obvious, yet not as embodied as young womens.
Some of these actions are not socially acceptable, may be destructive, but there is a level of courage/bravery required to carry them out…this is what initiations are truly about, finding a new level of courage, self-belief, self-awareness and owning more self-responsibility.

If we can look at challenges, issues, troubled moments as little invitations towards initiations, we may see we are capable of more than we knew.
Taking the steps one at a time, having mindfulness and utilising it, being non-reactive, feeling your way through things, allowing courage to find its way into your life, trusting your inner world while connecting to it, and perhaps creating some small rituals to create a new reference point. that proverbial stepping over the line into next stage of life, will support each of us as we awaken into this new level of who we are becoming.
Once the initiation process is underway, the activations begin. The new levels of uniqueness and divinity, clarity, purpose and potential are available, for us to own, and work with.
These are indeed exciting times for us all, the new human, new earth, new world is being born through the initiations we are all experiencing, our role once we have moved through it, is to actively engage in the new aspects of self.


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