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7 march 2017


Awarenessweirdass tip of the day…You are definitely NOT alone with all the crazy weird happening right now. The energetic tug of war between who we were and who we are becoming is really strong right now.
Some people may seem to have moved through it, others just taking the steps of awareness, and some still not even aware of what is happening.
Let’s remember our own space and soul journey, and align with that.
Even if you feel like you are not sure what you are meant to be doing, or creating or moving towards, or even if you feel that there seems no purpose in what you are doing…you already have awareness…that is the first step. You are already thinking about it, having those self-enquiries and inner dialogue.

victoria-roberts-you-have-a-really-weird-energy-new-yorker-cartoonIf we can do something each day, that fills us, keeps us moving, allows us to be filled with happiness, joy, or even something we just love doing, they are all indicators of being on purpose
Not all of us are here to be high-flying successful business people, influencers, motivational speakers, new york times best sellers, leaders in fields of importance…what we do each day when we show up consciously for ourselves, is one of the hardest yet most courageous things we can do as long as we do it truthfully, kindly, and take actions from our inner wisdom.
We have to hold on to that as the weird crazy amps up
Attacks, personal abuse, defamation, challenges, put downs, negativity, unhealthy comments, lies, projections will keep happening as we move away from the old conditionings. Some people just aren’t ready for this new earth, the new human, and some never will be. You can either pull yourself back, spend loads of energy being apologetic, devalue your beliefs and choices to seemingly appease another, or you can accept that is where that person is, and you are where you are, feeling GREAT for you being and choosing to be the best aspect you can. Offering acceptance to those who berate and belittle through their own lack of understanding sets you free to keep living what you love.
So don;t take it to heart, it is a moment of awareness. Yes you will feel disappointed, yes you will feel the need to prove you are right, yes will want to defend what you believe is true for you, yes you will want to call people out for what they are doing or saying that may hurt you or your decisions in life.
Take a big breath…let it out slowly, repeat that as many times as you like!!!
choosing Not to react is the first best step. Understand that in most cases, what people are doing or saying that has a negative impact is coming from a lack of knowledge, experience, or even fear based mentality. They are so terrified of change, and the idea of others changing means their own view of life needs to be re-evaluated…There are people who just do not like or accept change.
By holding yourself powerfully in your own light, knowing that what you are choosing for you is exactly right for you, can be enough to get you over the hump…ohhhh and lots and lots of breathing….adn in some cases call a friend and have a debrief…that has saved the sanity of this soul many times!!!

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