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8 March 2017


photo-55Awareness tip of the day…ask yourself these 4 questions..and you just may get some powerful insights for the steps you require in your own healing…

When did you stop dancing?

When did you stop singing?

When did you stop being enchanted by stories?

When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?

These are the 4 questions a medicine man or woman would ask you if you presented feeling disheartened, depressed, disconnected, apathetic etc. These questions can pinpoint when you disconnected from your soul/spirit, shut down from inner joy and peace.
A few years ago on a retreat, I was facilitating in Sedona USA, we had the great honour of having Dr Steven Farmer, join our group to offer his wisdom and experience as a shaman in a ceremony and rituals. I remember when he mentioned these questions, and something in me responded with ‘of course” Like an ancient piece of the puzzle was remembered.I had to write that down
So many of our ‘current life dramas” can be alleviated with these simple actions
Dancing shakes everything up, you can lose yourself in the music, work some old stagnation, stuckness out of the body, get the blood pumping, change the biochemistry in your physicality and have some very happy outcomes…Who doesn;t like dancing?…Well, those men who say they can’t dance, actually can move, they mainly have a block around how they look when they dance, so shut down from expressing joy in a carefree way. Come on fellas, we can all dance..even if you just sway about and women, stop making fun of men and how they move…be grateful they are giving it a go.

How great is it to SING or chant. The times when your fav song comes on and you start belting it out like you are performing in front of 50,000 people…pretending you are AC/DC, or recently Adele!!! Have you ever pulled up next to a car at lights or in traffic and the person in the car next to you is going for it,, singing their heart out with all the facial expressions, hitting the high notes, without a care…I always applaud them…they are in their moment!!! and that makes me feelGREAT. their energy has spilt into my world. Singing opens the throat chakra, opens your heart, gets all the cells in your body vibrating with joy. That feeling at the end, the sweet smile of ‘I so rock”, that lands on your face as you bow to your imaginary crowd, what a great energy you have gifted yourself.

Listening to stories…most of us were brought up on stories, nursery rhymes. That remembered feeling of sitting close to a parent/guardian as they open the book and started to read bringing all the images to life, acting things out..we had fun, we knew it was comforting and a time of focusing, but more importantly a time of connection. The indigenous cultures have their story times around a fire, they share wisdom, experiences, and come together as a community. Children learnt how to belong and what to contribute from listening to the stories, the interaction is the transmission, from people.

Silence…the world needs us all to tune inwards, to visit a place of quiet, to perhaps, speak less, listen more, enjoy life with some of the distractions turned off. Our lives are so noisy these days. Getting out into nature, choosing to have time in silence is a healing reprieve. You must know the feeling when things are just way too loud and noisy, imagine the feeling you have with a hangover, loud noises make you cringe…do you think your soul feels like that…if we are connected we totally feel the need for quiet time, silence. Give yourself the gift of turning all your devices off, for a couple of hours, get into nature, you will feel restored.

Can you see how these 4 simple things could make a huge healing impact on people? on the world.

Years ago, I was at a festival and there was a band rocking it out. The marquee was filled with people surrounding a huge dancefloor.
I watched as quite a number of kids, up to about age 7, dance wildly, joyfully, moving how they wanted without a single care in the world. There were no worries of what do I look like, am I doing it right?. There was just fun, letting go, while being, these kids were expressing the song, the vibration, their energy in movement. I observed many adults tapping their toes, the few odd hips swaying, yet no adult went to the floor. I started to ask the question…what happens to us, what makes us stop dancing, and at what age does it seem uncool..
I invite you to sing out, dance it up, read stories and find silence..think we have a prescription for happiness, health, vitality and joy. Give it a go.

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