Alchemy Of Awareness

Decades of learning, experiencing and sharing have shown me one thing repeatedly


everything you need to know, you already have within


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This universal truth that has been passed down through the ages by many cultures, ancient teachings, and wise elders,  reminds us that we have all the answers, we have all the tools, all we are required to do is take simple, practical actions consciously.

This book Alchemy of Awareness is a compilation of 52 topics that affect all of us at some stage in our lives. Each chapter offers easy to read and understand information, activities to create and embody change as well as powerful declarations to reset your beliefs, cells and create reference points for growth.  Inspiration to become all that you know you are is what this book can help you with on your journey.

Our  souls cloaked as humans are here to  experience this planet and life,  all its beauty, and to create something unique to each of us to be all that we are, to create experiences that elevate our soul with purpose, to be in a state of grace and gratitude, no matter what arises.

We KNOW who we are at soul level, all we really need to do is tune in, listen and take action.

Each person who purchases this book is then able to join a closed facebook group called Alchemy of Awareness. This group supports the changes, with new information, talks, rituals being offered weekly, interviews and question and answers each month.

I invite you to listen to your heart, if it says yes to this book, then you can purchase it here.

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A HUGE thank you to a women that I haven’t known very long but I do know that we will be spending some time together in 2020…. 💕
I only got this book last night and I have nearly finished it already and it is a book that I will be using daily for guidance, reassurance and staying focused to my souls purpose!!! 💓
Alchemy of Awareness Authored is a soft and gentle read that supports a higher vibration and helps you stay true to your souls mission ❤️
I love love love your book Raelene and I will definitely be using your book to support my journey on this planet 🌍 🙏🏼🌸🌟

Kelly Kingston

‘Alchemy of Awareness’ has been our best selling book in 2019 even though it has only been in our shop for a few months. Well done Raelene, it has been amazing to watch ‘Alchemy’s’ attractability and positive flow!

Natural Forces Bookshop, Elwod VIC

Dymphna Boholt Testimonial

Alchemy of Awareness is an excellent resource to help you stay “in tune” with your inner Spirit. It’s written in straightforward, direct language, with lots of examples that you can apply to your life. It’s constructed in such a way you can look up any issue that concerns you and find specific suggestions for how to address that issue. It’s a book that you will be able to refer to for years to come!

Steven Farmer

Author of Earth Magic and Healing Ancestral Karma

Raelene’s beautiful book offers practical tools for connecting daily to our innate wisdom. A step by step guide to transitioning from old paradigms to new ways and new choices. The perfect tool to help guide our way through daily life and the challenges we face.

Prem Williams

Pick up Alchemy Of Awareness and begin anywhere and you will feel gently moved down a path of awakening, awakening of your great self: AWARENESS. The title is spot on. If I start a book and after a paragraph or two feel that I want to keep going because I am curious where this will take me, I consider that I great sign. Each chapter heading is a keyword that can guide you to just what you need: TRUST, TRIGGERS, TRANSITIONING. In the end, each takes you through a brief exploration of a place we find our selves in the journey of life; Stuck or in the middle of a great transition, lost, sick or overwhelmed with loss. But we have not left these places with just concepts. Raelene brings us back at the End of each section with a simple but powerful declaration to help us take a new stand in life and then we are given actions to help establish that new stance.

How to love yourself no matter what is happening in your life.

Even though Raelene with clear intention meant this book to be for everyone and not just for the seasoned seeker , there is still much in her book for all of us no matter how seasoned we think we are. None of us are too far along not to need a nudge to a new way of seeing something or a wonderfully simple tool of helping ourselves. Raelene has succeeded in speaking of what on the surface is a simple concept, “awareness” but one which is as difficult to live continuously in. Just as the idea of “be quiet’ is simple but no so very easy.

She has made it accessible to all and given us easy steps forward into a life that has our spirituality integrated into it. Easy as declaring to the vast army that serves your life with great conviction “ This is the truth of today”. Speak it and it shall be. This army within will follow you just follow the gentle easy and clear guidance Raelene presents to you. A simple book on a vastly ancient and profound subject such as the Alchemy Of Awareness is no small accomplishment. And in these times the simpler the better in order to reach the most people in all walks of life. In the end, it’s a powerful workbook on the many ways we can love ourselves every day no matter what life brings to our plate.

Clay Lomakayu

Actor, Author, Shaman, Medicine of One

Oh my goodness I am so, so, SO proud of this gorgeous woman!
Let me introduce you to one of my dearest friends Raelene who is not only a divine & beautiful soul, but her & I have mentored & helped each other for nearing on 16 years now. I treasure this amazing lady! And I’m bloody over the moon she has finally written her first book!!
Raelene has been speaking & changing peoples lives forever & this week she releases her book Alchemy of Awareness – a book I absolutely love! Apart from the content which is sensational!!—I love that I can pick it up every day forever & have the universe give me exactly what I need to know & what I need to do!
Raels – you’re a clever & amazing woman – I’m so happy for you! Every person on the planet can now benefit from your work. Such a delight to be involved in helping you birth your first book gorgeous! Lots of love to you & everyone do your self a MASSIVE favour & go out & buy it! Pre-orders with special gift are available on Raelene’s website 🤩😘👏🏻🥳🍾💛

Rachael Bermingham

Raelene mixes Aussie colloquialisms with such deep soul wisdom in a way that only she can. It makes this book so enjoyable and easy to read. Bit by bit it is reminding me of things I knew, things I’ve forgotten and sometimes shaking my roots with new information. Each time I just flip to a chapter and it’s just what I need. It is relatable, real, non-intimidating and written so anyone can learn and grow.

Cass Carbone

How exciting. I met Raels by chance many years ago in Daylesford and over the years she has been my trusted healer, mentor and friend.
So when her book was published and I was lucky enough to get a pre-release copy, despite having a book pile a few miles long, her book came to the top of the pile!
Full of wisdom, insights and practical tools to empower you to walk this journey with courage and in the truth of who you are.
Typical Raelene, this book speaks with authenticity, truth and integrity and is a book you can turn to time and time again.
Raelene is an amazing woman who walks her talk, is down to Earth and lives life as her authentic self and is consistently holding space for others to do the same.
I’m proud to call her my friend and super excited her teachings can now find their way into homes all around the world.

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Nicole Jacobsen

I couldn’t put this book down Raelene Byrne!! ❤️ It’s empowering and authentic with so many insights. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world!!! And thanks for the personalised copy🙏❤️ Congratulations 💕

Hani Fernando

Wow what a gem of a book this is, so many golden nuggets in this. Sitting back having herbal tea with my favorite cup and resting my body. This soon to be released book will definitely help you to be more aware. I love how you have little snippets of things to do in each chapter to really grasp your learning. 🙏🏽

Lydia Bergantino Haig

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