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The work I do comes from honesty, integrity, simplicity and the belief that we all are able to live in a state of peace and happiness. What I offer is the clarity to help the person I work with release all or any things that no longer
Raelene Byrne

Raelene is one such person. From an early age she has been guided by her inner voice. This caused conflict and confusion when it clashed with her traditional catholic upbringing but it also began her journey of questioning and seeking answers that sat well with her integrity. At 15 she became interested in crystals and alternative forms of energy work. In a sense it was her first awakening and it opened a whole new world for her. But at home she felt like a purple sheep in a flock of white.

The first awakening

Her instinct went into overdrive once her children came along. This channelled into a passion for nutrition in Raelene’s bid to serve and support her children the best way she could. If you are what you eat then Raelene wanted to ensure her children only ate what was fresh and alive. It kicked in again when it came to deciding whether to vaccinate or not. Injecting her children did not feel right to Raelene and after much research, she decided not to vaccinate. Despite the backlash over this from family and society, she held strong. Her inner voice on this matter was undeniable. To support her decision and to support her family in being healthy and strong, Raelene went on to do a Diploma in Herbal Medicine and completed Reiki 1 and 2. All of these choices were threads of a journey that would eventually take her to where she is to day.

The second awakening

Raelene’s life took a bit of a detour when she ventured into the world of fitness and became a gym instructor. In fact she became obsessed with exercise and her inner voice became lost in the addiction. It wasn’t until her son became ill that Raelene was gently guided back to her path. Her son was told that he would have to be on medication for life. Not happy with this diagnosis, Raelene took him to see a man who practised chinese medicine. With Doug Davies’ expertise and instruction her son was eventually able to go off the medication for good. When Raelene also had a couple of sessions with him and experienced first hand the importance of energy flow and wisdom to the whole being, awakening number two occurred. She knew this type of work was what she was destined to do. This man became her mentor and teacher. He showed her how to gain access to her soul and helped her to find herself. She states ‘I made a decision then to step out of fate, and step into my destiny’.

The third awakening

Destiny took her to the Sunshine Coast where she has lived now for the last 15 years. A friend asked Raelene to help out in her clinic doing massage and it was here that Raelene first started hearing the words of something bigger than herself. While massaging she began to receive information about and for the people she was working on. Not understanding what she was experiencing she went into fear and kept the information to herself. But Spirit wasn’t going to let it go that easily. During a trip to the ‘Mind, Body, Spirit Festival’ a number of independent but related incidents confirmed to her that energy work and the higher guidance she was receiving were part of her purpose.

From then on, Raelene’s life has been dedicated to serving and supporting Spirit and her clients. New and wonderful experiences, people and learnings flooded into her life. ‘Coincidences’ and serendipitous events unfolded, taking her to levels she hadn’t thought possible. Her intuition became stronger and clearer. Over the years Raelene has refined and redefined her energy work techniques, developing her own unique expression of healing and helping. The more Raelene surrenders her journey and work to Grace the more she is unexpectedly and ‘magically’ supported. This includes an extraordinary group of women that attend her meditation group who are mentoring her in business.

The meditation group is one aspect of Raelene’s holistic work. She also conducts workshops on a variety of energy work, runs retreats as well conducting her clinic from home. Raelene insists that we all have the ability to follow our intuition and tune in to our higher wisdom. We just need to look for the signposts.

The fourth awakening

The most recent path on her journey took her to Sedona, America. Together with Jeremy Donovan an indigenous healer, storyteller and performer, Raelene took a group from Australia to be a part of ‘The Return Of Ancestors Gathering’ which brought together Indigenous Elders, Shamans and healers from around the world. However this was just one component of an amazing trip. Although there was an itinerary, Raelene and Jeremy trusted the guidance that flowed to them in the sacred places found in Sedona. They found that amazing and inspirational people were drawn to their energy and integrity, and offered them experiences and healings that are not readily given to tourists or persons outside of the tribe. It was ten days of ceremony and ritual, of inner work and discovery, of community and communion.
Raelene says ‘When you allow people to access their own magnificence and to connect to All There Is, there are no limitations.’