Awareness Cards

We all need help at times to get through the day, the next hour, perhaps to lift us out of something we know we are stuck in. These awareness cards are a simple, transportable reminder that all you need to do, is ask, listen, and then take action.

Words have an energy that affects us on many levels. Apart from the numerology, each word has a frequency and a vibration and we can use this to enhance our lives, to gain insights, to have clarity and to change how we relate to things in our world. When we focus on a word, its meaning, energy, and intention can create big awareness and insights. So each day ask for an awareness that you are able to be with for the day. We are creating focal points. As we have these words in our conscious mind, we are able to learn more about ourselves.

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Each of these packs of small not quite business card size offerings will be cloaked in a small pouch, blessed in a crystal bowl,  then infused with a labradorite crystal energy which resonates with freewill, choice, empowerment and sent to you personally with a beautiful intention

Remember … self knowledge is the greatest act of self-love.

Take a few moments to quieten your mind and be in your heart.

Ask for the frequency and the vibration of that word to be activated and spend a few moments breathing it in and sitting in its energy. Then observe how it shows up in your life. What does this word really mean to you, what is your belief around it, how can you utilise it in your life

Other activities with awareness cards …
~ select one a day as inspiration
~ meditate on a word
~ allow people at gatherings to select a word and see what it means for each person, this can open up some wonderful discussions and understandings
~ ask which word you may need to work with, or which one you need to incorporate in your life
~ is there an issue or challenge in your life … which energy will assist, pull a card

Place in a bowl on a desk, in office, at home, in a classroom, on a counter ….. 

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