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Being Tough is required at times


17904497_10158445776670007_7509071164487477078_nAwareness tip of the day…with all the frequency, energy and vibrational shifting we are being influenced by, we are required to tune to our own inner signal so what we broadcast into life is crystal clear. Sometimes being TOUGH is required.
As our personal vibration is shifting, daily attunements are required in order to be receiving information clearly and to be ‘broadcasting’ ourselves into the world in the most aligned and clear way we can.
Each day we wake up, something’s different in us. What we experienced on all levels the day before has been integrated into every aspect of our being, the mental, emotional, physical and soul. Our responsibility is to be aware and keep aligning, tuning in and tuning up, listening and looking for the interference so we can come back to the correct ‘station”.
Sometimes we can’t quite find the right bandwidth or frequency, so we ask for help.

Working with people as a spiritual/soul mentor is extremely humbling and infinitely rewarding. I really do LOVE with all of my heart and soul what I offer as a mentor, retreat facilitator, meditation teacher, event creator, educator, 5th dimension intuitive visionary and writer
Recently I was thanked profusely, and the person did say, in a backhanded sort of way, that I was tough and it ( the session) was tough
Facing our own crappy stories which are keeping us in suffering, or even repeating scenarios and arriving at same outcomes is not aligning anymore. It is getting harder and harder to hold that old paradigm, any victimhood we are still attached to or living is not appealing, it can be a repellent to relationships, friendships, general life.,
The frequency in us all is shifting and like on a radio that is just off its bandwidth and just doesn’t sound clear, we have to retune into our own station, tiny adjustments in order to have a crystal clear reception.

There are times to be empathic and gentle, there are times to call it as it is. If we are ready to grow beyond, break out of something that depletes us, strip away the chaos of confusion, feeling lost, even acknowledging you have no idea what your purpose is, I need to ask … there really time to muck about holding hands, being patted on the back with a soothing “oh you poor thing”
For me, I have lived through it all and realise the more I stayed in the disempowered part of me, the less I was able to LIVE fully
So to those who say I am tough… I am all about face the reality, and move on!!!
What people perceive as tough is the truth. When another person can call you on it, there is no place to hide. You either face it and deal with it, or run away and pretend you didn’t hear it or become aware of it…see how that works, as it will catch you eventually.
I can go easy, but I often feel that can take too much time and I so want people I work with to remember they have it all within, to connect with that, to have the faith, belief and trust in their own creative process of life.!!! and once you get that…you are away!!! Free, .empowered and alive!!!

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