Hold Your Own In These Times Of Crazy

I know there have been some 'interesting' things happening in the world, the fear, chaos, worry, helplessness is on the rise, along with anger directed at 'them"..(.those who are creating havoc)...the more we engage externally, getting caught up in the anger of the...

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Transitioning from one state of being into a new phase requires some great willingness, fuelled with unwavering trust to allow things to unfold as they are meant to, As unpredictable as life can be, we still go through the growth process of awareness, decision,...

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The Not Enough Virus

Each of us at some point in our lives is laid up with a virus. So what do we do? We take rest, eat better, perhaps have juices, sleep, take baths, fresh air and sunshine, sometimes we cocoon ourselves, and take more vitamins. We actually become proactive, while the...

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Blasting Off Through Change

Have you ever watched a rocket ship launch, leaving earth, its actual movement, how it will respond to the initial take off, the push through the atmosphere is the unknown quantity, it is the “hold your breath and hope for the best”, yet the destination is...

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