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21 January 2017

Consciousness tip of the day…find some stillness. This doens’t mean you have to go to a cave and disappear from life to achieve a higher state of knowing, or being. The action of finding some stillness in the day, or within you allows for intergration, births creativity, reconnects you back to your state of being, creates space to reflect, contemplate, offers reconciliation and pause. In my expereince, stillness takes me into a place of timelessness.
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20 January 2017

Consciousness tip of the day…my fav 10 two letter words…IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME. Remember that no matter what is happening in your world, you and ONLY you have the power of choice to change something that isn’t in alignment anymore with who you are. When life gets negative, drama filled, feels chaotic or you just don;t have the energy to deal with things, offer yourself the transformative magic of positive action.
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the secret is YOU

From a young age, I have always believed healing or ‘cures” could be as simple as a touch. Being raised in a Catholic family and indoctrinated with biblical stories, myths and teachings, something rang true,  deep within,  around the possibility of energy transmissions in a simple touch or with a moment of presence. Not much else sat with me or stirred up the knowing from within apart from teh stories of ‘miracle’ healings. Little did I know I would follow that field and finally surrender to my soul’s journey of healing, mentoring and awakening others Over the years, I have...
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Spirituality, exclusive or inclusive

  How would your life, identity, judgements, sense of self, be altered if the word spirituality was stripped from you? Over the last 3 decades I have observed such a shift in spirituality and spiritual practises It is NOT a label, nor should it be a level of superiority, holiness, or even a status that many are utilising it as. Spirituality is a personal journey, what works for one person may not work for another. Much like religion, once something has rules and regulations, dogma sets in, then judgement arises like a bush fire in a drought afflicted area. The...
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The importance of end of this year

After a number of calls for assistance from people in crisis, I needed to share this information so those who are moving through these times of fast and often unseen changes while wondering what the heck is happening, As we know we are in a universal 9 year, ( add 2016 togeher, adn you get a single digit of 9) a year where energetically we are given the extra gentle , (maybe) shove from life to clear things up, finalise loose ends, get rid of clutter, release what is not serving us, and a deeper urgency to finish things in order to...
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