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spiritual work. mainstream values

Recently I sent a newsletter out with a few things I am offering as programs, events etc, it is part of my evolution to keep growing, and part of the cycle of life to share expertise I have,  with others who are ready for change What happened was afew people unsubscribed, and that is fine…we all sign up for things that serve a purpose for a while, then we evolve, and move on,. We have to let things go. I do it all the time. It did bring a giggle to my life as those who took the time to...
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These times on earth are nothing like we have experienced before. Change is all about whether you have awareness of what is occurring or not, we are all in this state of transformation consciously or unconsciously, participating actively or viewing it the screens that bring the world into our daily lives. Change requires courage and risk. So we can either, hold ourselves back, wait for the safety net to appear before we take the steps, or we can take a running jump towards where we are going Brene brown says “Courage is a heart word. The root of the word courage is cor –...
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Inner Child Holds hands with Inner Elder

  Wounding, issues, the pain and hurt that has been carried through years, decades which have kept us limited, lacking confidence, feeling less than  is often addressed in the Inner child work that is being offered all over the planet. Meet your inner child, see the wounding, heal it so you can be more whole as the current aspect of yourself. This is a great tool for awareness and change What I am finding I am more intrigued by is my inner elder, or inner sage. After a conversation with a delightful wizard, shaman and he mentioned about my inner elder....
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2017, Being your Courageous Soul

2017…The year of being your Courageous soul     2016 has been a year of unravelling, clearing, chaos, uncertainty, release and things being brought into the bright harsh and unflattering light of day Hasn’t been pleasant for most, hasn’t been easy for quite a few, hasn’t been without challenge for us all. Yet we have expanded, have been stretched, have found parts of ourselves that we never knew we had the capabilities to access     In the uncertainty, we have access to freedom In the chaos we can step into a new form of order In the unravelling, we...
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Hard Work is exhausting us all.

I am tired of seeing and feeling this undercurrent or belief, through our lives where everything worthwhile requires HARD WORK. So many people have these beliefs running their lives….., hard work brings success, or hard work equals security, or hard work delivers achievement in a chosen area, if I am not working hard then I am being lazy, or even feeling guilty because you are ‘slacking of”… The outcome I am seeing right now, is that people are exhausted. I am exhausted thinking about it!!!!! What happened to the joyful flow in life? What happened to being happy with doing...
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