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Business or Be-you-isness


18033891_10158462350035007_80992910762584974_nAwareness tip of the day…are you in business or are you in be-you-isness
There is a big shift in the world of business. More and more people are starting their own home business, creating jobs and hopefully security for themselves. The problems arise when we start living from the lack, fear, the old ways of striving to “do, do, do” in order to be successful
We have been hearing the mantra…”do what you love and love what you do”
It sounds divine and so in flow, however not all have the capabilities or the support to enter into that realm in this moment. it can be a journey to get there

The first step is to KNOW you, and then to KNOW what you love to do.
Then taking the time to find ways to bring what you love to do into a way to support your lifestyle. It sometimes is a leap, it sometimes can take a few years. The directive is to know that you want to offer what you love doing as your service.
Lifestyles are undergoing huge re-assessments. The era of big houses, big mortgages, big overheads, big jobs with LONG working hours are crumbling. There is more discontent in doing the 9-5
Those who are striving for the big end of success will commit and play in that arena. Doing everything they possibly can for the life they think they want…the status that comes with great achievements. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. There are people born to do just that
NOT everyone is born to do that!!! And therein lies the seeds of discontent, struggle, the whole “fake it til you make it” syndrome…people are burning out, getting sick, stress levels and stress leave are high, relationships are under pressure as the want to have and need to live are stretching each other in opposing directions.
So lets all stop, draw a breath, take a few moments to re-assess
What does your life mean to you?
Where is your value placed?
Does your family or partner have you being present, or is that something you keep telling yourself will happen once you achieve this next step, level, upgrade promotion?
We are so addicted to the busy in business
I would love people to start prioritising their own Be -you-is ness
Find what makes your heart and soul sing, dance, be light filled and fuelled with joyful passion.
You can still work your normal job, but find a way to firstly be grateful and then to open to creating space for you to be you, make that your new business…be-you-isness..the way forward in 2017
For those in small business, home business…you are what people want…what you offer and do, is your business card, what people want is your energy/frequency. Make that yours, be-you-isness.
It will be unique, different, and sought after
Copying others, following others perceptions, takes you away from you, find what you love, and do that
You will be surprised how that be-you-isness will grow,
Stay tuned,,, webinar on this in may coming.on be-you-izness

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