Alchemy Of Awareness Book Launch

Alchemy Of Awareness Book Launch

Just for a moment, imagine stepping into the universe, the feeling of being all that you are, your unique self, surrounded by galaxies of stars, and there is nothing like you, you are brilliant in your own self, …your light, your flame, your frequency dancing freely, yet part of the whole? How does that feel? Pretty awesome!!

You are invited to play in that feeling at my book launch

Celebrating the launch of Alchemy of Awareness, my first book into the collective field of consciousness. Bringing this event to life with melodies of magic will be Kate B, performing new music from her incredibly gorgeous new album, Begin Again

Life is a journey, there is no doubt about that. Opening up to and becoming our uniqueness, letting that be more than enough, radiating our being is our quest.

I would LOVE to celebrate you, your unique self your inner radiant being at my book launch. All that is required is for you to show up wearing something wonderfully “you” on your head…This could be a wreath, a set of horns, a Viking hat, a veil, animal ears..anything that is representing you being UNIQUE, whatever you feel is something you want to wear.

Expressing our unique selves in life, in a world that is quick to judge, takes courage, an open heart and a smile that dazzles the perceived judgments into a sprinkling of stardust!!!

So come along wearing something to symbolise your uniqueness, step into the universe filled with stars of uniqueness, lights of brilliance and feel how safe it is to be you.

Kate B will be performing as we move through and activation, meditation, alignment, and a Vesica Pisces grid ceremony, for each person to align, and open to more of the powerful individual that you are. The opportunity to purchase Kate’s album will be available.

Each ticket gifts you

  • my new book worth $29
  • a special surprise gift on the night for $11,
  • A ceremony,
  • Vesica Pisces crystal grid experience,
  • book signing
  • 1 card reading for each person
  • homemade fresh chai
  • celebratory yummy treats

All while the universe is at your feet for a sensory experience of Becoming you.

Cross the bridge from the mainland, walk your journey towards Chambers island, come up the stairs and step into the universe waiting for you to celebrate your uniqueness.. I am so excited to create this event for us all

$50 per person

No payments at the door

Photo by JOHN TOWNER on Unsplash

Graphics and design Denise Daffara…isn’t this beautiful!!!

Date And Time

Sunday, 8 September 2019
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm AEST


Chambers Island
Bradman Avenue
Maroochydore, QLD 4558