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Category Archive for "spiritual awareness"

Healing is like housework…when does it ever stop?


A few people have asked me, when does the healing work stop? when have you reached your ‘goal in healing?’ Can I be healed in one session?..or how many sessions will it take to ‘fix’ me? I always have to chuckle…is there ever an end once you begin the journey? .Not really, not unless you decide to stagnate in your souls growth or evolution. And that is fine, some people start on a healing pathway, find it confronting and stop…the catch is…Once you have tasted that experience of self knowledge through healing, you can NEVER plead ignorance!! EVER!!!!   I…

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Create your financial freedom state of mind


Tune in to Create your own  “Financial  freedom” state of mind One of the things I hear a lot in the work I do is, “If only I had more money”, I could do more if I had money”, ” I can’t afford that” or “when I have money then I can do all the things I want to”  or the classic…”I will follow my hearts calling when I have enough money”. Guess what, if you are thinking along those lines, then you will never have enough. Looking for financial freedom has NOTHING to do with having more money, and…

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