Raelene Byrne Ceremonies
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Raelene Byrne Ceremonies
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ceremonies & rituals

Ceremonies and Rituals are powerful experiences to gift each person a new reference point in their soul journey.

We may intellectually know things, read things,  take in information, but once you ‘experience’ or feel an energetic shift, a moment where everything aligns, a heart opening, a deep soul knowing, you have altered and evolved on all levels.

These become reference points of awareness as you move through life.

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labyrinth of light


A walk to honour Remembrance Day, BUT to also remember that we can choose a new future a new way of living, a new way of being.

Labyrinths are a reverent walk towards the centre of your beingness. No matter how far you are from your core, the journey of life, the consciousness of awakening will keep you following the path back to you. Once we stand in the centre , we are reconnected, reset, realigned…there is a heart opening that allows you to take that feeling back into life.

This ceremony aligns you within a portal of energy that is a moment of transformation.

11.11 is the shift into a new level of understanding, an awakening at DNA level to remember the light that we are.

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snake medicine

walk of light


A profound ceremony where you walk through the symbolic body of a snake. Snakes shed their skin at a time when they have outgrown the old, the new is already in place. As they shed their skin, they also lose the lens over their eyes.

This walk honours the colours of the chakras, as well as the sacred symbology of rebirth, death, resurrection, and reclaiming your essence.

Joy is experienced as you exit the light filled body of the snake, as you have let go along the journey, you have rebirthed.

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day out of time


Following the Mayan calendar, we find there is one day that marks the end of a galactic year, a day that is suspended, before the new galactic year begins

We celebrate in ceremony July 25th, the day out of time, where we step in a crystal grid of creation, to have a heart opening alignment for the new galactic year about to birth

This particular grid represents the ‘eye of creation”, a spaciousness where all is available to us, and we have a deep heart opening. We are able to ‘create’ through intention as we stand in the centre of the eye what we desire for the year ahead.

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crystal grids & meditations


Ceremonies and rituals for Full moons, New moons, Solstices & Equinoxes.

Raelene is a most delightful ‘Woman of Light’; her warmth, genuine caring and grounded spirituality shine through in all that she embraces. Over the years I have attended many of Raelene’s public speaking events and ceremony’s, and I have personally found Raelene’s work to be profoundly transformational as it moves people into deeper heart spaces of their authentic selves. My deepest and most heartfelt gratitude to Raelene for being a leader of conscious change and for helping people awaken to their innately joyful states of beingness. Much LOVE beautiful friend.

Simone Mathews

Raelene’s is the embodiment of authenticity, wisdom and divine connection. Through her readings I obtained enormous clarity and connection to my own inner truth and wisdom. The reading could not have come at a more perfect time as my thoughts, feelings and perceptions were cloudy and unclear. The path ahead for me is a conscious co-creation with the divine, and through Raelene’s insight, this path was illuminated. The experience was like my own soul and inner truth talking openly and clearly to me, something I had been craving for. After receiving the reading in March 2014, I still re listen to the readings every few weeks to gain new insights and perspectives. I am humbly grateful to Raelene for showing me back to myself and my own divine nature.

Faith Redi

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Sometimes the understanding of the play of planetary influences can allow you to approach things in your life from a different viewpoint so you can maximise your potential in all things. What you do with any of this is entirely your responsibility. I would like to offer the information to assist us all in creating the lives we want and deserve with ease and grace. – Raelene

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Blessings, Raelene


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