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Chakra and Light Body Journey

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We begin this fabulous inner journey on July 4th 2016 and will travel the energy centres each month with the destination being a transformed self, a powerful light body and a knowledge of who and what you truly are.

Travelling the rainbow within, by exploring the many facets of you which are creating such a dynamic being. chakra image 2Learn how to identify the depletion and excesses, understand why you feel certain things in various parts of your body, the glands that support the chakras amongst so much more.

Imagine if you could open a new door each month, step through fully supported and with knowledge of finding more confidence, balance, courage, clarity that is available to you, not from anything outside of you, but from within.


Being able to work with your own energy centres at any time or even to understand the language of your own energy body as it filters through the energy vortexes of you.


You are a multi faceted being, radiating like the lights off a diamond, and it all exists within. Remember this image from Pink Floyd’s album ?  I love this as it reminds us that the energy centres, or chakras,  which are the colours of the rainbow, are actually light, which is what we are at core…Amazing light beings expressing ourselves through the energy centres that exist within.



Are you prepared to journey on an adventure of self discovery, self knowledge and healing which will take you through 7 chakras and then allow you to anchor your own pillar of light,  have awareness of your light body, while lifting your vibration.? You will information to navigate so much more of your life with a deeper understanding of YOU and what makes you tick, brings you joy, triggers you,  why you react, respond, or engage



chakra 4If these resonates with you,  join Raelene on a fabulous 9 month adventure of colour, light, healing, depth, renewal and change,  working through each  of the 7 chakras for a month at a time, with 2 months of consolidation, integration and  inner light expansion.

You will be supplied with a liquid crystal remedy each month that targets each energy centre, these are created from THE MOST powerful crystals available for each energy centre on earth at this time. These remedies are taken for 21 days with a 7 day break in between allowing the magic of alchemy to work in your system.

Taking this walk through the chakras will bring deep balance, grounding, opening, transformation, empowerment on every level of your being. You will feel different each month

The first 7 months we will travel though the base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, 3rd eye and crown chakras
The last 2 months will be concentrated on your light quotient, raising your vibration and applying that to your everyday life

So how will it work?

Each month you will receive your liquid crystal remedy to take for a 28 day cycle and a webinar to talk about what the chakra is working with, how it affects your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves, learning how to balance, clear and understand the language of that particular energy vortex of light.

Each Month we will work specifically with one of the chakras beginning with the Base.

chakra image 31st week of each month…. webinar with information about the chakra and the remedies you will be journeying with

2nd week…information about the chakra and visualisation process

3rd week…recorded meditation to help with the new alignment

4th week…. Answering questions which you can send in and I will answer




The last 2 months are the consolidation and a sense of rebirth as you will understand more about your energy field and how that represents you in the world.

8th month and 9th month..  Light quotient and personal vibration

Working with your personal vibration.

1st week…webinar

2nd week.. information about light quotient and a visualisation

3rd week… recorded meditation to align with your own light body

4th week.questions and  answers


9th as a light body/vibrational being

1st week…webinar explaining the column of light that you are

2nd week…information about the pillar of light, how to create and anchor  that via visualisation

3rd week….recorded meditation

4th week..questions  and answers

There will be a private facebook page for this group to ask their questions, so I can answer them all

This is a committed journey about you, for you and guiding you to more of being you. This will enhance all parts of your life, giving you the feeling of taking charge, having a deeper understanding of who you are and what you represent here on earth.

Many things will change, heal, balance out, shift, you will be making different choices as you feel your real self,  coming back to life, or other parts of you being comfortable enough to reveal itself with confidence and clarity.

First Month…Base Chakra

foundations, boundaries, safety, security,  working with  grounding energy. Finding stability, purpose, strength, discipline and self responsibility

Second Month…Sacral Chakra..

living, creativity, change, nurturing, sexuality, working with energy of passion, courage,

Third Month…Solar Plexus Chakra

confidence, vitality, empowerment, trust,  working with the energy of harmony, optimism, strength, certainty,value, worth and deserving

Fourth Month….Heart chakra

opening of heart, allowing, acceptance, the bridge between physicality and soul/spirit…working with the energies of activating heart, forgiveness, recognising the gift of love, compassion, gratitude,

Fifth Month….throat chakra

will, expression, respect, communication with truth, working with the energies of realisation, calm expression, balance of words, choice of speaking up

Sixth Month….3rd eye Chakra

inspiration, ideas, clarity, insights, intuition…working with the energies of. vision, focus and spiritual truthto see your bigger picture, to awaken on a deeper level.

Seventh Month….crown chakra

connection to higher self, knowing, wisdom, belief in self…working with the energies of light body, emotional consciousness, spiritual guidance, life path and true purpose

Eight Month…light quotient

Elevating your light quotient, having access to more light i your body, cells and dna.

Ninth Month…Vibrational self

The column of light that you are, the pillars of support , bringing them into balance,

Cost….$900 for whole programme

Limited spaces.


Lets play on this Adventure, See you there