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Choosing gentle actions


18766061_10158686561250007_138456118196668330_nAwareness tip of the day….Choose some gentleness for self and follow through.
There are so many energetic peaks and troughs happening for all of us. Really energised one day, feel like you can conquer all things, then 2 days later it is all you can do to drag yourself to the loo!!!
Our human density is feeling the challenge of our energetic higher nervous system in full throttle.
If you have been feeling exhausted, not so much physically incapable, but a deeper sense of tiredness, then be gentle with you. The night time internal electrical buzzing, the ear ringing, the solar plexus area being hit with higher energy, the need to sleep, the intensity of loud noise or being intolerant of noisy spaces are all part of this.
A few weeks ago, I felt the ‘harshness’ of life cloaking me and the weight of it was unbearable. I have taken a number of weeks off from daily social media, from daily writing, from daily ‘have to do this today “ lists, and have surrendered into the being with all of me. Fully present, gentle, attentive and listening to the wisdom running me.
Watching the media crucify a mother for being protective, seeing more innocent people being victimised, bombed, not just in our Western world, but THE WHOLE WORLD, was enough. The time is now, gentleness needs to be the united call to action. It starts in our everyday life, our thoughts, actions, words, and feelings.
If you want to feel better, then choose what you CAN do. We cannot change some of the events happening, we cannot influence the governments, or the media with our beliefs re-parenting, vaccinations, education, wellness, wholeness, justice, environment, HOWEVER, we can take action in our ‘supposedly small’ daily lives.
Light a candle for peace, or awareness, or clarity and devote it towards the world or an event that is troubling your heart and soul. Say a prayer, set an intention, then repeat it each day. These small gentle actions, preserve your heart, keep your mind focused on what is possible and your soul soft.
To some, this will seem woo-woo…well maybe, but for me, my daily practice of this has helped with focus, knowing that my thoughts, actions, words and feelings are being sent into the bigger picture from an open heart and a gentleness for all.
If we keep reacting to the bigger circus of misinformation, one-sided stories, coverage that is never complete, the manipulation of our own lives, then the machine has you, you are distracted from what you want to see, be and live.
Being gentle with self is part of this call to action. Taking the time to hold that peace, calm, clarity and awareness as an offering to the energy field. It will have a greater effect than bitching, whinging and complaining about how bad things are. Misery begets misery…there is NO gentle hope in that
How do you want to feel when you are speaking or interacting with others.…hopeful or helpless
Gentleness in self, the choice to let things go, let things be, let life be what you want, without the daily struggle to get things done.
Yes, I know this sounds like nothing would ever be accomplished…you know what, some days you get nothing done, and that is how it has to be, it really is OK to stop, say enough for now, , I need space to recharge, reset, revitalise, recalibrate…..then other days you get more done than you could possibly imagine.
Gentleness requires an acceptance, it is part of our inner nature, it makes us take a breath, reset, find a way to be supported or supportive.
What we must be mindful of, is the intense work happening in our energy field, our higher self. Our physicality is dense and heavy, our higher self is a faster vibration. How can something high and strong land in our lives, if we are pushing, struggling, striving, doing, …there must be a space and place for things to align and merge. Creating that opportunity comes from gentleness

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