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 Armed with a full range of  specialised skills and a tool kit that offers so many ways to target issues in your life, Raelene uses her inner listening, highly connected intuitiveness, wisdom from a lifetime of study, enquiry, courses, workshops, experiences to find that clear pathway, the next most aligned step for you to live a life of your making.


Sometimes we need to be told what is happening in our lives  with an arrow of truth, sometimes we need our hand held to learn how to walk again, sometimes we require the hand on our back which understands and with the other hand offers the hope, faith, clarity, truth,  directs us towards the path forward, and sometimes we need the sword to sever, clear away and disconnect things that are not working for us anymore.

In your consultation with Raelene, you will get exactly what you require, support, direction, being heard, and you will also receive, a depth of wisdom to help in the circumstances, to shift the energy and focus to something more expansive, to find the next right step for you, and sometimes to remove the clouded grey area in front so you can see to create a brighter stronger life.

We are in exciting times, we are creating the next part of life on earth, so clarity, courage, some magic as creators, visions of what we want, focus, purpose all wrapped in a potent energy that is you….

I am here if you require help to land in that place!!!

Lets do this …

Life is a mystery filled with magic, innovation, awareness towards fulfilment.

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soul mentoring sessions

What is a soul mentoring session?

Raelene is a soul person, understanding a higher perspective, and able to translate that into a simple step by step process to build a more connected way of being and living.

Each step is found, new foundations are built,

Like building an intention tower, we have to find the base, make that strong and stable, so clearing out the imprints, confusion, beliefs that have been inherited, or installed, patterns that keep you living in another version of you, fulfilling expectations, chasing dreams that someone else thought you must follow, and more.


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90 minute consultation

These are specifically to see where you are at, check in, find any of the challenges or obstacles that are ready to release and rearrange or a tune up.

  • We target specific issues and follow the energy to the original source.
  • Practical actions are given
  • Energy work
  • Card reading for the next best step and action
  • Mentoring around challenges, problems and ways to move forward
  • Remedies are posted out to support these sessions


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60 minute consultation

We start with an initial issue, follow the energy, beliefs, patterns and create new pathways for more expansive beliefs to anchor in to the now. 

  • This is fast tracked session, so we stay with the query or the initial request
  • Mentoring is also offered
  • Practical actions are given
  • Energy medicine work
  • Remedies will be posted out after sessions to support


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liquid crystal consultations

These are geometric vibrational remedies made from earths metals, minerals and crystals. They are change facilitators healing spiritual, emotional mental and physical imbalance.

The Liquid Crystals are created via an ancient remembered process that embraces crystalline Integrity, sacred geometry, Alchemy, Solar, Lunar and Universal Energy.

The Liquid Crystals have returned, through Justin Moikeha Asar, to facilitate our planet back to Oneness by reuniting crystalline grids above, below and within humanity.


name trinity session

Discovering your 3 frequencies,

How they play out,

Positives and the negative aspects,

Strengths and vulnerabilities.

You receive a remedy with those frequencies, to assist in the balance

One Heart, One Voice, One Visions, One Spirit


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the liquid trees

A beautiful system of tree frequencies that support the love aspect in life, our emotional world.

The Liquid Trees have brought 46 sacred trees together to serve and support humanity as we heal our love flame and move towards union, oneness and realisation.

the liquid tree consultation

Discovering the 3 trees that support you best,

Life Purpose Tree,

Higher Purpose Tree,

Shadow tree,

Liquid remedies posted to you.


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tree of life liquid crystal readings

This is a detailed look at where you are in life right now using the The Liquid Crystal oracle deck of cards.

The reading comprises of  11 cards in a specific layout representing the 11 levels of human consciousness and our journey through them.

We identify the issues working for you and against you,

Outside influences related to your question,

Next actions to take, cause of the issue and what the outcome is,

The pathway you are heading towards,

Lots of wisdom, actions to take, ways to release things and an overall understanding of why you are where you are, and where you are heading.

The readings are recorded and emailed to you.


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