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Allow me to help your remember your purpose, your connection to your inner world of wisdom, weave some magic with you to clear away obstacles, blockages, and dissolve those brick walls for forward movement.

Bringing simplicity, alignment, understanding and practical processes for expansive outcomes and helping you remember how to access that wisdom for yourself.

Raelene Byrne, is an internationally recognised Energy medicine Healer, Speaker, Writer, Soul Mentor, retreat leader, meditation teacher, Intuitive Code Breaker, 5th dimension visionary…and so much more, infinitely more…just like YOU…just don’t put me under one label!!!

Raelene’s soul purpose is to wake people up to their inner wisdom, light, power and abundance. Once you remember, you will never plead ignorance again…you will ALWAYS have a tool kit to go to when new things arise in life.

self discovery consultation


The first consultation which sets up so many new ways of seeing yourself, life and where you are going 3 frequencies running you from your name, 

  • Life purpose, higher purpose and shadow aspects
  • Spiritual wounding you are here to master
  • Emotional body behaviours and how to support it and open to more love
  • 6 shadow guardians, 3 masculine and 3 feminine traits that show up as vulnerabilities, or weaknesses
  • Identifying core issue
  • Energy work to release and reset your life
  • Liquid remedies posted to you for the integration 

2 HOURS $247
via Skype, Zoom or in Person

consectutive consultations



Working at deep levels to discover and uncover beliefs and traits that are creating obstacles, blocks to flow.

  • Working in your energy field
  • Finding new levels of self, understandings
  • Release of old aspects
  • Declarations, actions to take for forwarding movement in life
  • Liquid crystal remedies to support the integration


90 minutes $190
via Skype, Zoom or in Person 

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