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Consider for a moment the journey of your soul and the potentials it carries for us.

What if at every point of contrast in your life to date, your soul has already intended, desired, yearned for, put out, for something better, something more, something easier, something beyond your mental capacity of imagining for you …at every point of contrast in your whole life!!!!.

Take a breath and absorb that…what point of contrast did you experience today, where you knew you wanted something better?

Where do all those desires, intentions, yearnings that happen in a split second, go?

They hang around in our energy field as gifts for us, openings to step into something better, or more aligned.  They are energetic pulses of heightened awareness just waiting for the actions, and openings to become the seeds of growth.

A friend used the description of loads of helicopters flying around with nowhere to land…imagine that right now…hundreds, maybe thousands of “helicopters” flying about in your energy field looking for a place to land, and there is nothing… you have called them in, yet you haven’t given them a berth.

But as mere mortals, what do we do?…  we try to build 1 helicopter…instead of aligning with what needs to be done to land the thousands already there!!!

So this  is  what gets in the way of those potentials …as a mere mortal we decided I want something better and it has to look like  blah blah blah ( already a limitation process), or … you have the idea , then you set in motion  the planning, the structure, the strategies, the mechanics, the distractions, the  setbacks, the hiccups, the struggle, finally pulling it all together in a moment of celebration, BUT with exhaustion!!..then you look up and see thousands of helicopters already to land,…what you wanted was there and better!! DOH!!!!

we keep making lists, intending more and more, desiring and yearning for a life that we think we have to struggle and strive for, and hoping that one day, something good may happen to shift where we are at, or maybe someday, there will be an opportunity that will change our life or maybe  I will win something to change everything, ?????

Sound familiars, yes I know this, I have been there as well!! More than once

When we stop long enough so we can open up  to receive, when we are creating the feelings of the very things we are yearning for, we have a pretty good chance of finally having those very things land in our life

They are already there, waiting for us to receive them…just sit with that…They are already in our energy field, waiting for us to allow them in, bring them to life, birth them into reality, create them into existence

Remember, sometimes we want, or desire things that are not for us, and we become so discouraged when they don’t appear. Tuning into what we already have the potential for is more rewarding, and quicker to create.

We just need to create or build our “ landing pads”… these are the feelings of what we our soul has already yearned for us. We are required to develop the connection between the visualisation and the feeling…. May I add, NOT from lack, scarcity, or wishful thinking, but totally from knowing that what is meant to be mine in this life will be WHEN I HAVE THE RIGHT FEELING…that is your landing pad!!!

This also means that we are absolutely required to do the inner work, change thought patterns, develop more expansive beliefs. Or even reflect on which beliefs we are living that are really ours…how many of our beliefs are installed, instilled and inherited, then how can I release them to create ones that are true for me in the now.

So we dive in…we take action to let go of what is not for us, what patterns, beliefs etc are in the way of these pulses of potential to become a reality, we work on our self through our inner world , cultivating the environment for these potentials to land, anchor in and become!!

This is where the inner listening, the understanding of our inner dialogue, the soul language and direction shows us what we really are desiring…. It is already there!!!

Easy to say,  maybe,  but once we develop the trust in self, you can access all that you need. Years ago this would have been seen as weirdo beliefs…now with technology, quantum science, and the incredible amount of transformation most of us have been through or are exposed to, this is the way forward…yes it can be easy once we drop the old beliefs that tell us, it can’t happen, it isn’t real, only people with loads of meditation and higher awareness can achieve this,…we are in the times where this is for us all…

How on earth can we create a new world, better collaboration, more peace, oneness, compassion and gratitude, if we are not doing new things and dreaming in the world we want to live in?

This is NOT rocket science, this is soul work, your helicopters are all lined up waiting to land.

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