Do I need to fight? | Raelene Byrne
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“If you have to fight for something, then where do you believe you don’t already have it?”

Such a potent epiphany that landed in my life recently and got me pondering about the energy we use in ‘fighting the good fight”.

Sitting with this has made me look at where my energy, thoughts, intentions are being sent without much connection, where I fight for myself, where I follow the fight of others  from a sense of loyalty, or believing in their cause, or wanting to be a part of something making a difference.

Do I have to fight for my freedom….? My soul knows freedom, and only asks for me to connect in, quieten down, listen, imagine, dream,  feel and create. Nothing can take that away from me.

Do I have to fight for my rights  especially in these chaotic,  unpredictable times….?  When you know yourself at soul level, or are on the discovery journey,  you learn how to navigate life, and amazingly, things will align and arrive to assist or help when needed, even if it means a change of course, new direction, new purposeful way of living,  I can stay attuned to the life I would like to live,  while witnessing the unravelling of an old program and system, understanding the need for the old to hang on to its  illusion of power by doing everything it can to create fear, despair and hopelessness, as it falls over and disintegrates.

Do I have to fight my old beliefs that keep me in strange,  unhealthy places,  blocked or stuck, chasing dreams that never land, …? I can review beliefs, see them, change them, release them, upgrade them, change the vibration of them, choose higher calibre ones, it is my choice moment to shift any beliefs and step into a higher knowing of self.

Do I have to fight  for love and to be valued….? When I gift that to myself regularly, daily, and with devotion, I never need it from others, I fill myself with it and more arrives from unexpected places without expectation. The joy of love, the expansiveness of self value are indeed powerful allies that call in more of what we are resonating at within.

Do I have to fight to be heard….? When I listen to my inner world, it is easy to let go of being heard, drawing attention to myself, when I value myself, I don’t need to be validated, when I respect myself, I choose when and where the things I want to share are really important or potent. I really only need to listen and being heard follows with grace.

Do I have to fight for money…? When I work on my own frequency, knowing that I am here for my own journey, when I find peace in myself, when my own feelings of gratitude are true, real and sincere, then whatever abundance is for me will happen, is happening  and has happened.

Is money a true measure of our existence, status, importance, or influence… ? Or is living in an  expansive abundance flow,  the true holy grail which gifts us all we require and better in this life. Some are meant for wealth, others are meant for service,  some are entrepreneurs, others are creatives, others are carers, others are influencers…so many roles and our soul knows its true place and purpose.

Do I have to fight to prove I can stand in my power…..? When I realise that cultivating courage is more nourishing, gentle and personal, it is my own inner work, I can lovingly take risks, do new things, quietly go about changing what I can in the time that is right for me,  without having to prove myself to anyone. It is more deeply loving and kind way that grows fierce gentle strength to get on with living my life , my way.

Do I have to fight for my health choices in this uncertain time….? When I take care of the immunity of my physicality, emotionally, mentally and spiritually while staying  focused on a better outcome for all, when I don’t go into the battle field, but utilise my energy to keep my own life on track, when I keep lifting my vibration to align with the world I am dreaming for all, then I live in hope that things will not be so dramatic and forced. And I have unwavering faith that consciousness knows what it is doing and offering to the collective field.

Do I have to fight to wake others up to the situation at hand…..? When I choose to take full responsibility for everything I think, say,  feel and do,  as that is my output and contribution to this collective field of energy we live in, I allow that to be the inspiration for others  and I am creating a way forward from a higher awareness.

Do I have to fight for anything… ?  What is meant for us will be,  at the point in life when we agreed to receive it, to experience it, to become it. Remember, we agreed to  be here in this time, we have all the tools within, and our soul wrote the script…so somewhere within, we already know the outcome…

Fighting for something means I don’t already have that  something … so do I spend energy fighting, or direct energy to creating?

Decide and then take your action!

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