Down To Earth Divinity Program

Soul Connection and knowing, to align and become more confident, clear and energised.

When creating a life of deep connection to your own inner wisdom, you can live a more purposeful life.

Changing your life takes courage, listening to your inner world is the way we create transformation, new ways forward and find peace with the connection to our own purpose.

Distractions transform into focus.

Overwhelm transforms into decisiveness.

Confusion transforms into clarity.

Obstacles transform into new stepping stones.

Depletion transforms into vibrant energy.

These are just a few of the outcomes available.

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This 6 week soul work out with Raelene is extremely practical and elevating.

Some of the life tools and topics to apply in all situations, and they eventually become part of you.

Grounding and being balanced, simple tools for this.

Setting Boundaries based on your own values.

Energy frequency, vibration and resonance.

The importance of nature to restore and heal.

Energy cleaning in your own field, home and workspace.

Rituals that embody intentions.

Meditation. Mindfulness to find answers and peace.

Intuition and how to enhance it.

Flourishing after adversity.

When anyone starts an awakening process, there is so much information out in the world that can be confusing.

Over 4 decades of learning, researching, experiencing and living spiritual and soul teachings, Raelene has come to realise that everything is simple, as it is based on energy.

“Everything you need to know, you already have within”.

Nothing was the same after those words. From her days as a teenage rebel to now Global Spiritual Leader following the guidance of her own inner knowing has been the key.

After decades of study, learning and remembering this truth, Raelene offers you the wisdom to mastering your inner knowing. She keeps her teachings simple, practical and effective, keeping one foot in the now while moving the other into the next desired creation. She is an author, corporate speaker, retreat creator and private mentor to people ready to embrace the greatest freedom of all ….the truth of who they are. Raelene represents a new model of Spiritual Teachings…. Down to Earth Divinity…where you are the leader and being an imperfect human is all part of it.

Once we start a communication with our inner knowing and soul, we have a pathway for the rest of our lives. We connect into an inner language and dialogue that will support us through all of life’s joys, transformations, and challenges.

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Raelene is offering a 6 week portal and potent energetic container to simplify, while offering easy doable efficient and effective tools, that you can utilise for the rest of your life, no matter how advanced you become.

Each week, in a zoom call, Raelene will explain various techniques, and ways to incorporate them into your life. Often the most simple techniques have the most biggest impact in our lives.


Week 1 – What makes you YOU, Energy, frequency, vibration, and resonance.

Week 2 – Grounding, balanced, aligned, clearing, breath awareness, the power of self nurture.

Week 3 – Feelings, conscious mindfulness. meditation, intuition, awareness, healing.

Week 4 – Inner connection, focus, true abundance, sacredness of your own uniqueness.

Week 5 – Flourishing through conflict and adversity, obstacles and blockages

Week 6 – Purpose, potential, pathways forward, meeting your future self.

What do you receive while strengthening your connection to your inner wisdom and soul

~ Weekly webinar delivered Monday evenings at 7pm via zoom, which will be recorded enabling you to have a reference to follow up should life get in the way and you can’t attend.

~ An exercise to include in your life each week…Don’t worry, will only be a 5-10 minutes thing, easy peasy right!!!

~ Simple meditation to drop you into your inner world.

~ Weekly focus for the group delivered in email with extra information.

~ Private Facebook group ‘Down to earth Divinity” for questions and answers, updates.

So much peace, acceptance and knowing when we remember who we are and connect to our inner blueprint.


Starts Monday August 9th, limited spaces!
Join Raelene’s Down To Earth Divinity Program now to reserve your space.

Down To Earth Divinity Program


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