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Rituals, whether complex or simple, become a defining moment in life, where we stop, decide, clear, take action, commit and pay attention to outcomes, or directions we are wanting to create in life.

We choose what to move away from, we set a new direction, or a new focus align with from our heart centre.

Rituals help us draw lines in the sand, close doors, open doors, expand our lives and consciously align on a desired next step on our expansive journey in life.

Lighting a candle with a strong clear intention can be a ritual. when we do certain actions with a focused intention, we create rituals.

Thank you for being in my awareness, life and journey.

Namaste, Raelene

latest ebook

New Operating System eBook | Raelene Byrne
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plug in to the new operating system – $2.50

With the new operating system, a higher frequency way to live,  and a new world pulling us forward, many are experiencing some odd happenings in life.
This little ebook is packed with  what and why things are happening, with simple supported actions to take, as we prepare to plug into a new energy system.
I offer this with great faith, that you will find the understanding and the support we need as we unplug from the old, and plug into the new.
With Bonus Heart Coherence Excercise
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Alchemy Of Awareness
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alchemy of awareness – $19.95

everything you need to know, you already have within

Decades of learning, experiencing and sharing have shown me one thing repeatedly
This universal truth that has been passed down through the ages by many cultures, ancient teachings, and wise elders, reminds us that we have all the answers, we have all the tools, all we are required to do is take simple, practical actions consciously.

Cultivate Clear Space for Contentment | Raelene Byrne
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birthday ritual to begin a new decade – $9.95

On the day you were born, planets aligned in a configuration that is unique to you, the earth received you with loving arms ready to nourish and nurture you into her cycles while surrounding you with beauty in every breath, the stars twinkle and wave to you every night reminding you of your origins and the unlimited potential you brought with you, the moon castes her gentle beams towards you at the end of each day to soothe, soften and calm your soul.

YOU are indeed a celebration and you deserve to honour that.

Crystal Grids & Mandalas | Medicine For Your Spirit
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crystal grids & mandalas ebook  – $7.95

40 crystal grids and mandalas to offer inspiration and healing.  Each mandala/grid holds an intention, an energy, a focal point that supported the meditations and assisted in the healing energy that was offered to all.

Cultivate Clear Space for Contentment | Raelene Byrne
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cultivate clear space for contentment – $7.95

This little ebook is packed with simplicity of ideas, practices and reminders to elevate your energy field.
Keeping our energy clear, clean and strong is what is required as we navigate all the uncertainty in the external world.

When we fall into chaos or confusion, it is always 1 simple thing put in practise, or one new action taken, that helps us reset so we can keep moving towards our ‘becoming’. Doing one new thing can set up a chain reaction of more profound change in your life.

seasonal ebooks

10 10 Portal Ritual | Raelene Byrne
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10:10 portal ritual – $7.95

As I prepare to start a new 365 day adventurous twirl around the sun, where I draw a new line in the sand, open the door to the new that is available, and commit to the life I am creating, I wanted to offer you all the opportunity to experience a wonderful ritual on the power packed day of 10.10.

The best part is that 10.10 is a potent energetic portal, a doorway energy to what we are becoming, moving into, ready to embrace. To connect to the universal energy this day offers with a simple ritual, helps us to open new awareness’s and pathways, especially as we head to the last few portals of change this year.

10 10 Portal Ritual | Raelene Byrne
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11:11 gateway activation – $11.11

ebook & meditation

There is something magical about seeing 11:11.

There is a ‘feel’ deep within us that asks the question…what does this mean?..

Curiosity and, fascination give rise to a need to seek out answers to understand It is like a message from the universe, a call to awareness.

On this day 11:11, we remember the light that we are, we prepare for a move forward, we open up to the souls next level of evolution.

10 10 Portal Ritual | Raelene Byrne
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spring equinox preparation – $7.95

My love of the earth, our responsibility to her and ourselves is something, many will know I am passionate about, The gift to celebrate these universal cycles connects us to the lineage of ancestors, and the rituals that have sustained cultures for eons.

Spring equinox offers a sense of refreshing, clearing and invigorating energy. I have created a cool little 12 page mini ebook/pdf to prepare, to align and some fun actions to take to clear the cobwebs from the winter hibernation time.

10 10 Portal Ritual | Raelene Byrne
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vesica piscies – $7.95

July 25th … my fav time of the year … Over the last few years, I have offered a journey through these 5 days of transition of daily rituals and practises to get the most out of this wonderful time . This is my most potent time to prepare and create for the year ahead…

July 25th, is universally acknowledged as the day out of time Based on the 13 moon cycle of the Mayan calendar, it is a day where we celebrate no time. The end of one cycle, a day to BREATHE, to have gratitude, to just BE in preparation for starting the next cycle on the 26th.

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