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10 10 Portal Ritual | Raelene Byrne
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10:10 portal ritual

Rituals, whether complex or simple, become a defining moment in life, where we stop, decide, clear, take action, commit and pay attention to outcomes, or directions we are wanting to create in life.

We choose what to move away from, we set a new direction, or a new focus align with from our heart centre.

Rituals help us draw lines in the sand, close doors, open doors, expand our lives and consciously align on a desired next step on our expansive journey in life.

Lighting a candle with a strong clear intention can be a ritual. when we do certain actions with a focused intention, we create rituals.

As I prepare to start a new 365 day adventurous twirl around the sun, where I draw a new line in the sand, open the door to the new that is available, and commit to the life I am creating, I wanted to offer you all the opportunity to experience a wonderful ritual on the power packed day of 10.10.

The best part is that 10.10 is a potent energetic portal, a doorway energy to what we are becoming, moving into, ready to embrace. To connect to the universal energy this day offers with a simple ritual, helps us to open new awareness’s and pathways, especially as we head to the last few portals of change this year.

The gratitude I feel for life is deep and constant and I want to share it with you, here is a powerful ritual to create on 10.10 in an ebook format.

Thank you for being in my awareness, life and journey.

Namaste, Raelene

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