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birthday ritual to begin a new decade

We all love birthdays, or as I call them, birth to earth days.

Consciousness, in all its wisdom and glory, thought you were a great idea, so it brought you forth with a flicker of divinity to keep you connected to your true essence.

On the day you were born, planets aligned in a configuration that is unique to you, the earth received you with loving arms ready to nourish and nurture you into her cycles while surrounding you with beauty in every breath, the stars twinkle and wave to you every night reminding you of your origins and the unlimited potential you brought with you, the moon castes her gentle beams towards you at the end of each day to soothe, soften and calm your soul.

YOU are indeed a celebration and you deserve to honour that.

I believe the shift from one decade to another is worthy of special effort  of celebrations. We leave behind a 9-year cycle of learning, growing, mistakes, healing, and we open up to a new cycle of the unknown, new discoveries, expansion, perhaps new directions and new potentials.

CELEBRATE this by utilising this ritual, a personal new moment to fully step over that line into the promise of new energy in the new cycle that is facing you. Somewhere within that divinity, that spark of uniqueness, lies the road map, your blueprint for your souls experience, it KNOWS where you are going.

Rituals, I believe,  are important actions to take, no matter how small, as they align the energetics, of thought, feeling, actions and words into a NEW reference point, a starting line for the next part of life.

Intentions are wonderful to play with, however, when you take ACTION ( as in ritual) with any intentions, you have committed and laid a foundational base to move from.

Birth to Earth days are always an opportunity to start fresh, to reset, to aspire to a new level of life.

With all that I am, I sincerely wish that this potent ritual, allows you to take the step forward into the new decade with confidence, courage, and a knowing, that this is UP to you.


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Namaste, Raelene 

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