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spring equinox preparation

I have created a beautiful 12 page ebook for you!

My love of the earth, our responsibility to her and ourselves is something, many will know I am passionate about, The gift to celebrate these universal cycles connects us to the lineage of ancestors, and the rituals that have sustained cultures for eons.

With all that has been occurring this year, we have arrived at one of the 4 reference points in the earths dance around the sun that signal a shift within life.

We have 2 solstices and 2 equinoxes each year to reset, rearrange, rebalance, and recalibrate with the cycle of earth and life.

Spring equinox offers a sense of refreshing, clearing and invigorating energy. I have created a cool little 12 page mini ebook/pdf to prepare, to align and some fun actions to take to clear the cobwebs from the winter hibernation time.

Namaste, Raelene

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