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Eclipse ritual 2017

August 20, 2017



As the moon steps in front of the sun for a brief moment in time, we hold a universal pause. We all look to the heavens.  We are in a solar eclipse on August 21/22, depending where you are on planet earth. A time of change, a portal of opportunity to re-evaluate who we are and where we are going, ending one cycle and birthing a new one

We are also experiencing a new moon, so we have a potent portal of new beginnings for who we really are, enabling us  to step into the light with courageous actions.

Last year I wrote a blog about 2017 being the year of the  courageous soul and this eclipse is stirring up courage from deep within. Don’t run from it, run towards it, it is YOU

eclipse 1As the moon shields the suns light from us,  we are gifted with the darkness, the energy of the void, the place of creation. Big things are happening within us as this cosmic event holds us mesmerized, timeless, still, just as the ancestors and ancients did when their world of light was hidden from them.

Do you want to allow aspects you hide in the darkness of you their chance to shine, are you ready to bring forth the skills, gifts and uniqueness that you really are , can you drop the parts you have played out  in order to be accepted, valued, included by others, society etc,  even though it is not what you truly believe, or who you know you are…Then this is the TIME, the portal, the gift from the universe to let go of the outdated prejudices, judgments, roles which have held parts of you in the dark, now we can expand from the light within, that soul essence of knowing.

I love rituals. They create a connection  from self to something, there is a sacredness we engage in while creating actions to have a new reference point, an experience that will help us commit to our new intentions. Our physical actions have a bigger impact than just thoughts. So indulge in this ritual for this eclipse

Give yourself at least 10 mins for this


2 Candles,


fireproof dish

pen paper


1 candle, string then another candle. So the string sits between the 2 candles


Light 1 candle

look into the flame for a few matter how your eyes water, or you blink, stay with gazing into candle…this is a time to purify, focus, allow, reveal..

The flame  represents your inner world, the part of you that is unique, infinite, expansive so as you gaze at it, any distractions, fears, discomfort that arises, breathe through it allow it to be without judging,

Calm the breath, as you focus your gaze. Perhaps see the flame dancing, you may even see the inner flame encased with the orange flame.

After a couple of minutes, bring awareness to your breath.

Breathe in for the count of 5, exhale for the count of 5 with your hand or fingers lightly touching your heart space. Repeat this until you feel the inner calm, the opening, the sense of peace. This also drops you into your heart wisdom.

This is centring you, connecting you to the heart of your true self, opening up some sacred space within you

As you sit in the quiet of you, ask what is ready to be dis-intergrated, purified, released, dissolved to bring you into the highest alignment with the new energy offered by the eclipse, the new human, the new you. What is your desire for you, what is your highest intention for your life, then see what arises as the blocks, obstacles, even reasons why you can’t have what you know is true for you. Listen, observe… any of the hindrances that arise

Pick up the string, and as each blocks etc  arises, tie a knot, and say thankyou

And as you tighten the knot, know that you have bound that negativity, the obstacle into something else, which is tangible, you are holding it,  it is now not just a thought or belief, you hold it in your hands.

Repeat this until you feel all the things you are ready to dissolve and disintegrate have been tied into knots.  If you feel you have to tie the whole thing in one big knot,  do so…I did…

When done hold it to your heart with great compassion, love, respect and state out loud. I am ready to dis-integrate and dissolve  these aspects that no longer serve me, this has no power over me anymore

Then place the knotted string into the candle flame , once alight, place on a dish and see it burn away.

For those unable to burn, you can bury somewhere

At the moment of release you state out loud,

This is who I was, and now I am ready to become all that is available as my true light filled expanded self.

Gaze back to candle while watching the string dis-integrate..

Do another couple of rounds of slow deep breathing as you watch the flame dis-integrate the knots, or you allow the earth to settle over your buried knots.

Light another candle from the flame of the original candle, and once the new flame has taken, extinguish the original candle flame with  the statement

“That is who I was, and now this is who I am becoming”

Gaze into the new candle flame,

Breathe deeply and imagine that light moving into you with each breath as you state

I am steady, knowing, confident, aligned, certain, expanded, compassionate, vibrant, unique, courageous, wise, valued, connected, at one with all of life as a creator of my own reality.  ( you can add anything else you want to) 

Once you have done that, pick up a pen and paper, and set your intentions and write them from the feeling of the above statement ,  as a course of action until the end of the year. This eclipse will be affecting us for 6 months, be clear, be brave, be expansive, be truthful with what you write down for your life in the coming months

When complete fold it up, hold to your heart for a few breaths and intend you are breathing it in and each exhale is a soul blessing for your words and actions to bring your intentions to life

Hold it to your 3rd eye, breathe it in and as you exhale, intend the  trust and belief of your inner world to shower into the written words amplifying their magic to keep your heart and soul connected with this new evolving you.

You can either burn the note, bury it, keep it in a place to read each month, or pop it way for 6 months

Gaze back to candle.  Take a few breaths and intend that flame to light the way forward just as the moon glides away from the sun at the end of eclipse to reveal the power of light, you are now ready to reveal the power of your inner light into this world.

Hands to heart in prayer. Bless yourself, bless the human condition in change, bless the earth that supports us, bless the light showing us the way.

Extinguish the candle

Take a full breath exhale, go our and look at the heavens.. Distribute the ash from the knotted string onto the earth with gratitude.




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