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Inspiration For Your Soul – CLARITY

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When we know what we actually want out of life, set the intentions, take action, we are able to move with clarity and determination. The times of being vague and non-committed are over. Only you can achieve, create, and change anything in life. Know what you desire and go for it. Release any limiting beliefs, thoughts and behaviours and feel the clarity come springing to life. The more clarity you have in life, the easier it is for others to be clear with you.

Most of us a clear about what we DON’T want, so instead of investing all your energy talking and thinking about what you do not want, put all that focus into KNOWING what you DO WANT.

The universe, the infinite intelligence your higher self, whatever you believe in will always give you what you ask for if you are aligned with it. So if you say I don’t want, you will get what you don’t want, if you are CLEAR and say what you DO want, then you will get that, or ways to achieve it.


I sincerely hope that you have been inspired.

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