Inspiration For Your Soul ~ Alignment

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A sense of discomfort not only heralds change, it is also a sign that something in your life is out of alignment. These times are wonderful for us to have a better look at what is happening, listen to the feelings and make any adjustments that are required.

Instead of waiting to hit the wall, start to look at your life each day from the sense of how it is aligning with your intentions, your dreams, your visions. Each day we are required to find that alignment within self. Every morning we awaken, we are different to the day before, we are continually realigning.

Things that do not align with who you are best to be released in order to create space for more of what you truly are aligning with. Whether habits, people, careers, health, relationships, it is time to truly look at what is supporting you in your life, what is depleting you in life, what is being dragged around in your life that you are done with.

Each day, as you take those first morning breaths, choose to align with your soul’s journey.

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