Inspiration For Your Soul ~ Awakening

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Each moment, every breath is a moment of awakening. This is about awareness. When questions arise within, when we feel uncomfortable in life, we are stepping into the beginning of an awakening process. These symptoms are calling to us to go within and to examine if we still want the same things we did previously, if we are ready to choose something different.  We are all awakening and in that space, we can create the world we desire.

Awakening is the start of a deep inner journey, a remembering of connecting to spirit, merging with soul. The truth and wisdom of life has an avenue to now direct you. You keep moving towards the path of your souls walk with more clarity.

Breathe, learn, meditate, remember, experience, clear, align, be responsible, make choices, be open, question old habits, and create new thoughts and intentions. This is an exciting time.

You can stay uncomfortable and moan about your life, or you can take a big breath, choose to do something different and take action. Remember, we awaken at the times when we need to grow, it is necessary. Faith and trust in you is all that you require.

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